Love me in Liguria: Villa della Pergola

Love me in Liguria: Villa della Pergola

«In the same way that a woman can become the muse of a painter, the scenery of Villa della Pergola has inspired artists. Built in the late nineteenth century on the whim of two gentlemen who had guessed its potential, the Villa has traces of an Anglo- Indian colonial architecture in its imposing loggia, but it has the wry pleasure to confound guests with the cupola covered with majolica of Albisola, with its marble and fountain at the foot of the staircase. Extravagant and improbable elements that in the end have become a success. Alfred Hitchcock filmed some scenes of “The Pleasure Garden” in the park of the Villa and Guy Green filmed “The Snorkel” here. This place is made up of three separate buildings – the Villa della Pergola, the Villino and the House of the Sun – whose harmonious postitions, interspersed with terraces of Mediterranean and exotic plants, create an evocative fin de siècle atmosphere, ideal for banquets and candle lit wedding dinners. Under a starry sky, above a stretch of water, in the midst of a lush flora, guests can stay in the rooms of the villa to finish off a fairytale day.»

Love me in Liguria, Villa della Pergola

If you are looking for an elite, relaxing, luxurious and refined hotel, Villa della Pergola is the ideal location that will fully satisfy your needs thanks to the exclusive attention paid to detail, environment and atmospheres and, last but not least, the selection of the best amenities. Staff philosophy is based on a concept of maximum discretion and efficiency: at Villa Pergola you will feel like “home” but with a high quality service. The qulificated staff will take care of you, pampering you with homemade pies, homemade biscuits and jams for an abundant breakfast where you will also miss seasonal fruit and organic produce from local suppliers. Each menu is created to meet every single need; Moreover, the Management organizes and coordinates exclusive private tours every day, advising guests of the typical restaurants in the area and making them feel “accompanied” to discover the beauties of the surrounding area.

Love me in Liguria, Villa della Pergola, top location

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