Love me in Liguria: Villa Marigola

Love me in Liguria: Villa Marigola

Overlooking the Gulf of Lerici, characterized by romantic and refined details, rises Villa Marigola, an ancient eighteenth century mansion, an ideal setting for organizing a great wedding.

«A luxurious eighteenth- century palace set in a park overlooking the Gulf of the Poets of San Terenzo, a romantic place that was also appreciated by the poets Shelley and Byron. It is a refined doubly charming location, where the old park is an ideal green space for an outdoor wedding and the palace is embellished with its chandeliers and ornate ceilings. It has a professionally equipped kitchen, available for external catering services, audio and video equipment, necessary to memorize the special moments of the wedding day. The heart of the building is the large terrace where the “Citrus Garden” was located.Today the paths of the park are intertwined in balconies and natural windows from where you can watch the sea and enjoy the marine breeze while sipping an aperitif before the wedding dinner.»

Love me in Liguria, Villa Marigola

Villa Marigola is an ancient residence of great charm and sophistication, belonging to the Marchesi Ollandini family. Inside the building, today it is possible to organize a wedding or event that is unforgettable. For those who dream of a romantic and sumptuous wedding day, Villa Marigola is the ideal location. The reception room is characterized by precious chandeliers, artfully decorated ceilings that, properly crafted, will be able to revive that distant atmosphere of the banquets of other times. The kitchen, equipped and professional, is suited to “serve” the best catering service chosen by the bridal couple. The garden, on the other hand, can be both a photographic service set and the perfect setting for a summer wedding outdoors with the scent of Mediterranean scrub that blends in with the sea breeze. Among the music, good food and goliard moments, Villa Marigola will be able to experience a truly unique and beautiful experience.

Contacts: Via San Biaggini, 1
19032 Lerici
La Spezia
Tel. +39 0187 970065