Love Me in Umbria: new romantic guide

Love Me in Umbria: new romantic guide

love me in umbriaBy Lunargento publishing house, is coming a new romantic guide: Love Me in Umbria.

The Umbria, the home of Saint Valentin has always been among the most romantic Italian lands, becomes the object for the fourth publication in the printed version of Love Me necklace in Italy.

This guide is dedicated to romantic tourism in Italy, tells and enhances a land of endless possibilities and potential.

From the most beautiful quotes, to the scenes of many movies filmed in this land that made the famous Umbria atmosphere around the world, the freshness of the storytelling of emerging writers Francesco di Marco, Luca Marinangeli, David Busato, Luca Alberti, and Valentina Giuliano. Love me in Umbria is an emotional story full of anecdotes and curiosities, a unique and original guide to the most idyllic places to fall in love, get married, live love in the green heart of Italy.

Copyright shots for the cover of Richard Giommetti, and many images that run page after page, created by a team of photographers specializing in wedding. They are their own, a deep knowledge of the territory, which have caught the moments of love and spirituality of this land. Some photographs were taken by the great photographer Steve Mac Curry. From ancient villages perched on the mountains, the cities with a rich cultural and artistic soul, from the pristine natural beauty, with the most majestic castles, Umbria fascinates and conquers its visitors with its thousand facets. Let Me Love Umbria guide you towards the crowning of your dream of love, immersed in the romantic atmosphere of his most evocative locations, the old theaters and art museums, to the most precious and hidden corners of nature .

14141786_929147387208290_6221701681823032277_nLove me in Umbria suggested itineraries, routes and wedding trends; during thereading of the four chapters will run through all stages of romantic life, love teenage renewal of the promise, for couples already consolidated.
A special section Umbria, in a workmanlike manner tells the mastery of craft products, while Umbria, Lovers cooking is to taste the eno excellence, boasting wines from all over the world.

It closes the publication of the insert containing all the places most romantic region of Italy where you can celebrate the civil ceremony.