Wedding like an event: interview to Luca Melilli, wedding designer

Wedding like an event: interview to Luca Melilli, wedding designer

Luca Melilli, exclusive wedding designer

Even VIP people ask for him, as Alessia Marcuzzi did. We interviewed Luca Melilli, sicilian wedding designer and founding member of Panta Rhei, scenografie per eventi. 

What does a wedding designer do?

The wedding day is an event, both intimate and public.

Therefore, its appearance is important and it must be planned to perfection, starting from the identification of an unque and personal theme: this is the job of  the Wedding Designer.

The wedding designer is, first of all, an expert able to plan, organize and coordinate your wedding, taking care of every detail, even from a stylistic and aesthetic point of view. It all starts from the idea, sometimes clear other times a little confused, that the bride and groom have regarding their wedding day. Then, is up to the wedding designer to understand and make it a reality.

Luca Melilli white

When was “Panta Rhei” founded and who are its members?

Panta Rhei was founded the 13th February 2006: this year we celebrated ten years in the business with a party with our loved ones. Panta Rhei consists of Luca Melilli “wedding designer” and Franco Cannata “flower designer”.

Luca: remarkable organizational skills, and a vivid imagination. His strongest asset is a natural ability to surprise people. Every event is customized according the client’s needs and spectacularity never fails.

Franco: floral designer, able to interpret the most romantic and modern side of every wedding, with an unique style. He takes care of the floral decorations from the starting point of the idea to the staging.

From where do your clients come from ?

Italian – above all – but also French, English, Indian, Russian and so on…

Luca Melilli roses

What are the most popular places in Sicily to celebrate a wedding and what special services do they offer?

When speaking about Sicily you can’t not think about the sea, especially Taormina, Cefalù and the Eolie islands. Do not forget, though, our Etna volcano, element of incredible beauty of the landscape.

What are the latest wedding trends ?

The clients’ requests are many and all different, which is why like to call ourselves “experts in fulfilling every wish!”. We make every event as unique as the bride who dreamt of it.

Why should we decide to get married in Sicily?

Sicily is a land of poets and great artists in all fields. The landscapes, colours, perfumes of this wonderful land were often the setting of unforgettable films, remarkable images, events to remember. To make unique your wedding event, you have to rely on who knows Sicily the best, like us. I have been going around Sicily for years, looking for new places to plan new fairy-tale weddings.

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