The Big Day, Made in Tuscany: a wedding in Siena

The Big Day, Made in Tuscany: a wedding in Siena

Siena is pearl of the magnificent region of Tuscany, a small jewel waiting to be discovered; here are all good reasons to start planning your wedding in Siena.

“A unique work of art, which has no parallel in our western world … one complete animal with head, heart, arteries, legs, of which the skeleton remains almost intact, filed on three hills”.

(Bernard Berenson)

Siena is a medieval town where time remains an abstract and distant concept. A city in which the present is mingled with scents, smells, tastes and traditions of the past.


A city full of contradicting stories, and legends as old as time. According to one, it was founded by Senio, the son of Remo, who escaped with his brother from the wrath of Romulus, founder of Rome; the fortress that Senio and Aschio built on top of the hill is known as Castelvecchio, the oldest part of Siena.

Siena Wedding in Piazza del Campo

Its ancient origins of the city are evident in Piazza del Campo, the central core of Siena since the time of the Romans, once the site of the Forum. This Gothic city par excellence is rich in artistic resources that are combined in a magical partnership with so pure and enchanted landscapes that surround

Siena’s Cathedral is the perfect choice for a wedding in style; the grandeur of this Roman-Gothic structure was born from the artistic hands of important architects, such as  Giovanni Pisano. Siena has become famous thanks to Saint Catherine, godly and charitable woman, and native of this land; the relics of the Saint are in the Basilica of San Domenico, one of the most important churches of the city; the Renaissance chapel is a work of rare skill and the hill upon which it rests is high enough that you can enjoy a view of the Cathedral and the Tower “del Mangia.”

Secular Ceremony in Siena

If you instead prefer a secular ceremony, there is the famous town hall and museum, from which also rises the famous Tower “del Mangia” which means “of eating.” It’s a nickname created by the Sienese for their layabout watchmen or “Mangiaguadagni.”


Increasingly, couples dream of a having a Siena wedding closer to the wonders of nature, preferably in a Tuscan farmhouse, where they can fully experience the scents and flavors of the regional cuisine. The meadows near the town contain vistas of green hills that will always leave guests speechless.