Many sugared almonds and a wedding for all tastes

Small, white and of different tastes, since Roman times the sugared almonds have become a symbol of good luck and cannot miss on a wedding day. In the most chic weddings, following the new trend, whole tables are set with expanses of these little treats combined with chocolates, candies and cupcakes for the joy of newlyweds and guests.

Among the Tuscan excellences, we have discovered the laboratory of La Confetteria Pistoiese, which transmits its artisan tradition since it was founded in 1949. In addition to high quality sugared almonds, La Confetteria Pistoiese is distinguished by its personalized service in decorations, invitations and favors for the big day, offering also a line of typical confectionery products of the territory. A genuine and traditional knowledge that can not leave unsatisfied.

More info:

Confetteria Pistoiese

Via Macallè, 77/79 51100 Pistoia

tel +39 0573 913245