Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, a romantic holiday in Ischia

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, a romantic holiday in Ischia

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, the power of nature

An hotel is not enoguh to make an holiday unforgettable. What matters, even more than the furniture and the coatings, is the context in which the hotel was born and rised. What matters are the suggestions of the magically preserved landscape that surround it.

This is the reason why the “Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa is an unique place, in the heart of Ischia, the largest island of the Gulf of Naples. The island  combines its natural beauties with a range of  cultural possibilities. Ischia is a place to live day and night, between trendy venues, rural villages, the woods of oaks and chestnuts trees, like the one in Barano and Serrara Fontana, and the historic centers of Sant’Angelo, Forio, Lacco Ameno and Casamicciola. Here, in Casamicciola village, you can find the “Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa”.

The hotel has a very long history, not as building but as site. For its spas, and for Giuseppe Garibaldi. The hotel commemorated Garibaldi’s staying naming after him its most elegant room, the “Suite Garibaldi”. 80 square meters of pink marble of Portugal, golden ceiling, silky walls, style Empire furniture and an onyx marble tub. The whole resort, not only the “Suite Garibaldi”, is an architectural jewel, an elegant palace that combines a lovely atmosphere with the desire to have fun. The guests appreciate the versatility of the place, its ability to translate their dreams in a perfect harmony between body and mind.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, the pleasure of wellness

Ischia, in few words, is: sea, sun, green. Beauty is always simple. And we can find the same simplicity in the hotel thermal waters. The guests can regenerate themselves in swimming pools, Turkish bath, sauna, tepidarium, Scottish showers and showers Emotional, with the help of relax areas and packages. The hotel offers a lot of treatments for both your body and mind. Healthy body in healthy mind, says a latin old saying. The source of Gurgitello, near the hotel, was very well known by the Romans and its water treated Giuseppe Garibaldi’s wounds after the Battle of Aspromonte. Even today, those waters continue to take care and regenerate the skin, giving it freshness and elasticity.

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa

Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, the sophistication of gastronomy

The hotel chef, Giovanni De Vivo, select authentic and high quality ingredients from the countryside and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its restaurant “The Mosaic”, for this reason, has a Michelin star. “Mosaic”, a simple name that refers to a simple, both ancient and modern object. This is also the chef’s spirit: tradition and novelty in his cooking tecniques to create wellness. An “emotional cooking“, indeed. De Vivo’s gastronomy is creative but especially the Neapolitan cooking lovers will always find the queen of Naples : the pizza. In the restaurant “Gli Ulivi” the guests can taste this typical dish with a selected range of artisan beers. Finally, there is a beautiful roof terrace, the “Bouganville“, a corner of greenery from which you can admire the natural beauty of the “Monte Epomeo” volcano, with a glass of wine in hand and a some delicious appetizers to consume.

If you want to take care of you, “Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa” is what you need. Of course, it is better if you have your loved one with you, the one with which you want to share your life.

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