Marriage in Valle d’Aosta: Medieval castles, high mountains, traditions

Marriage in Valle d’Aosta: Medieval castles, high mountains, traditions

Marriage in Valle d’Aosta: between uncorrupted nature and the magic of snow

The Valle d’Aosta is the smallest region of Italy, characterized by an uncorrupted nature, by little streams, valleys and glaciers. Summer is fresh and summer storms are frequent. Certainly warm temperature is perfect for an open air wedding. Region of mountains, the Valle d’Aosta is perfect for a winter marriage, with all the magic connected to snow. Fabulous locations are offered to the spouses who choose the Valle d’Aosta for their love dream, among charme lodges.

marriage in Valle d'Aosta

Valle d’Aosta dream marriage in a princely or exceptional castle in the highest mountain

To rent a castle in Valle d’Aosta for the most important day of your life will make you feel as a prince, either if you choose it for the wedding banquet or simply for the photographic set of the wedding album. Marvelous castles are at your disposal, further than Aosta, rich in roman times monuments. In Valle d’Aosta is possible to organize a classic and romantic marriage, according to the character of the spouses and their needs but also unusual, for whom who want to dare. For the loving adventure couples, the mountain greatness, with its woods and peaks, will be the set for an unusual wedding in hot-air balloon or with parachute. Or in the spectacular frame of Monte Bianco glaciers, for the most high “yes” in Europe, in a contest that leaves the spouses and their guests breathless.

castle marriage in Valle d'Aosta

Valle d’Aosta, marriage among traditions and local uses

Many are the traditions connected to the marriage in Valle d’Aosta, most of them today lost or remembered only in a symbolic way. The wedding day, depending on the zones, was celebrated on Sundays or Mondays morning and the Sunday after the marriage the mother in law invited the daughter in law to take a place, during the Mass, at the family desk. If one of the spouses, at marriage time, had a brother or a sister in marriage age, but unmarried or nubile, during the dances was offered to him a white billy goat, a good auspice symbol.