Marry me at Florian: photoshooting in Venice like a star

Marry me at Florian: photoshooting in Venice like a star

“Photographs are our memory over time, when our memories start to get lost in the passing time“. How true these words of Silvana Stremiz are!
Of course, unlike others, the memories of your wedding will not be lost so easily over time. In fact I am sure that every moment will remain impressed in the mind and in the heart forever.

But think of a dip in the past during a dinner with your bridesmaids, best men and friends, or sharing a memory on a winter afternoon, or the anniversary of your wedding: with the passing of the years you will find yourself telling and reliving the day of your wedding together with some dear ones more often than you imagine. And every time you’re going to take your photo album in your hands, gently caress the cover and open it.
A shiver will rise from the tip of your fingers and will caress your back, just like that day, at the altar. The emotion will re-emerge and the photos will become protagonists.

Wedding Photo Album Caffè Florian Venice Marry Me Piazza St. Mark's Square


Location and photographer: the importance of choices

The photos of your wedding will last forever and will help to make indelible the memory of your most beautiful day. Therefore, it is essential to identify a location suited to become your personal set.
Italian cities offer you a broad choice, so much that you may run into mistakes that could compromise your photo album. Take Venice for example, so full of breathtaking places: some of them aren’t just suitable for the photoshooting you dream of.
But there is a place that is an exception and that is perfect for your romantic photos. It is the Caffè Florian: its varied offer of indoor and outdoor spaces is the ideal setting for your love shots.

Secondly, make a careful selection on the photographer most suited to you. Our advice is to contact a professional who knows how to capture the magic and the uniqueness of your moments. Look for someone you’re in tune with and immediately make your style preferences clear.
Do you not have time to look for your ideal professional? Or are you simply afraid to choose the wrong person? Do not panic: Caffè Florian will help you and provide you a photographer that you can trust without any doubts. The long-time experience of the staff will make you feel safe… Caffè Florian will never disappoint you!

Wedding Photographer Caffè Florian Venice Marry Me Piazza St. Mark's Square


Inside the Caffè Florian, like pearls in a casket

Is there a part of Caffè Florian that has struck you from the first moment? A room that has enchanted you?
Here, the room you prefer will be reserved for your photoshooting. It will become the casket where all the moments of your love will be immortalized and indescribable emotions will be captured.
And finally it’s showtime!
Let your shots start within the historic walls of the oldest Café of the Venetian lagoon!

I want to give you some examples of what awaits you.
If you decide for the Hall of Seasons, the beauty and grace of the bride will be highlighted. Here, femininity reigns above all: the whiteness of the bride’s dress will perfectly match the plaster of the walls. The golden decorations will shine with the light you emanate. The mirrors will reflect your purest feelings of love and the female figures painted on the walls, emblems of the Seasons, will guide you as your bridesmaids.

Illustrious Men Caffè Florian Venice Marry Me St. Mark's Square

Elegant, proud and powerful is the Hall of Illustrious Men, just like your beloved. Here, he can pose between red velvets and precious wood, looking for your gaze reflected in the mirrors with the inlaid golden frames.


An intersection of souls reflected in the lagoon

Does the beautiful season tempt you to make some shots even outdoors? Well, everything is possible at Caffè Florian! In fact, you can complete your photoshooting in the outdoor area, where a special space will be reserved for you. The romantic arcades of the Cafe behind you are the ideal backdrop to frame a tender kiss exchanged in the wonderful St. Mark’s Square. It will be hard to discard a glimpse or perspective from the photos taken in this location, trust me: the majesty of the square and the ancient façade of the Florian will amaze you.
Finally, end with a walk through one of the most envied squares in the world.

Wedding Photo Caffè Florian Venice Marry Me St. Mark's Square

Walk hand in hand, embraced by the warmth of the sun: between spontaneous shots and some poses, you will finally reach the stretch of water that makes millions of couples in love dream.
Proceed to the dock, near a gondola cradled by the tide and right there, at the end, treat yourself to the last shots. Let your souls cross each other again and these fleeting moments be captured by the lens, in order to remain forever.


The lights are on in St. Mark’s Square

Are you dreaming of a night photoshooting? Once again, the choice of Caffè Florian will not disappoint you.

A play of lights invades the Square and meet with the soft glow coming from inside the Café: the atmosphere of these luminous twists lends itself divinely to your shots. The external façade of the Florian and its white drapes will help to illuminate the scene even more. In addition, the photographer will guide you towards the right compromise of shadows and reflections that will make your photos a real work of art.

In a few years, flipping through your wedding album, you won’t find simple memories but masterpieces!


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Bride Night Wedding Photo Caffè Florian Venice Marry Me St. Mark's Square

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