Marry Me at Florian: beyond the ceremony in Venice’s most famous Cafe

Marry Me at Florian: beyond the ceremony in Venice’s most famous Cafe

Have you always wanted to celebrate your wedding in the most romantic city in the world? Is this long-awaited moment finally coming? Venice is ready to welcome you in its regal and refined atmosphere that certainly will leave everyone speechless. Without any doubt, choosing this location to frame your love is a guarantee. The architectures and the history that enrich the city give it an enormous value, but this is not enough. Each location dedicated to each moment of your wedding should be chosen very carefully.
Surely, you have already booked the church and the restaurant, but perhaps the locations where the most traditional moments will take place are still work in progress. If you’re looking for inspiration, let yourself be enchanted by our proposal: Caffè Florian.


Celebrate love in the oldest Italian Cafe

Caffè Florian is one of the symbols and pillars of Venice. It’s also the oldest Italian Cafe with more than three centuries of history. A lot of celebrities and noblemen have passed through this place to taste its food and to be inspired by the magic of this place. Caffè Florian overlooks Piazza San Marco and is kissed by the sun. Moreover, it brings the breathtaking beauty of the external view inside too, where there are many enchanting rooms, each one characterized by its own style. These are the most versatile and adaptable rooms for your needs. You can choose the style of the location that best suits your specific wedding moment. The environment is fundamental to complete the festive and joyful atmosphere that will flood the hearts and will remain impressed on the memories of all the participants.

Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice newlyweds


An intimate toast in the Liberty Room

Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice Liberty RoomAre you looking for an intimate and private place where to toast with your guests? The Liberty Room is right for you. Created in 1920 in Art Nouveau style, this small but bright living room has a vaulted ceiling, hand-painted mirrors on the walls and a precious inlaid parquet floor. The copper tables and Murano glass lamps give a welcoming and harmonious warmth that pervades this jewel in the heart of Caffè Florian.
If the style of your wedding is modern and you love flowers, then this Liberty style location suits you: white tablecloths decorated with floral designs glide on the tables: then, these motifs continue in the flower arrangements that flood the living room, releasing inebriating perfumes. You will find the same fragrances in the floral smells that come from your glasses during the toast.


The Chinese Room gives a mysterious charm to the wedding cake’s cut

Do you expect a larger number of guests for your wedding cake’s cut? Then, choose the Chinese room. An exotic atmosphere awaits you at its entrance, which is made up of two adjoining rooms. Between them, there is a sort of secluded place, where an oriental environment surround you. This enlightens even more the typical beauty of the Pompadour style. The lush mirrors on the walls give you hidden perspectives, so the photographer can immortalize every single emotion. The ornamental motifs cover the walls with golden weaves, as to give new lights. Do you want to give a mysterious and fascinating touch to your wedding? In the Chinese room you will lose the spatial coordinates and you will immerse yourself in a timeless place. Ornamental squiggles will perfectly match your braided hairstyle or your lace dress: they will become a natural continuum with the decorations on the wedding cake.

Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice Chinese Room


Your bouquet toss in the heart of St. Mark’s Square

There is another traditional ritual that any bride cannot miss: tossing the bouquet! And is there a better place to do it than the amazing St. Mark Square? On the occasion of your wedding, Caffè Florian uses its external spaces to ensure that you respect this tradition. So once you exit the comfortable living room (after tosting and tasting the cake), the bride will head over the arcades of the Cafe, followed by the procession of young unmarried maidens. Right there, a stone’s throw from the lagoon, the bride can give the hope of a future marriage to one of her female guests. Soon after, the explosion of applause and joyful shouts to celebrate will resound like a melody, bouncing between the monumental Basilica of St. Mark and the giant Doge’s Palace.


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Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice St. Mark Square

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