Marry Me at Florian: dancing in the moonlight in St. Mark’s Square

Marry Me at Florian: dancing in the moonlight in St. Mark’s Square

I was walking with my head down towards St. Mark’s Square, my arms crossed. Meghan and I, a childhood friend, had arranged to meet at Caffè Florian after work. This had always been our meeting place, in the heart of Venice, halfway from each of our homes.

Walking through the narrow alleys, I was skimming through the glass fronts of the shops. I was reflecting on my day: very routinely coming back from a day of work.
In other words, nothing new. I like to think of every day as a different color. Every evening I write that color down on my diary, in-between the two pages. I was expecting to color my diary gray that day: smokey, melancholic grey.
However, it wasn’t meant to be.

As usual, Meghan texted me she was late.


The Caffè Florian Orchestra

Once at Caffè Florian, I took a seat in one of the outside tables. The air seemed to sparkle as the sun set onto the horizon. I found comfort in the melody played by the orchestra, while waiting for my friend. I had a distracted and melancholic look on my face, to the point that one of the musicians of the orchestra struck a warm smile at me, one of those gestures that show compassion.

All of a sudden, my attention shifted towards a young couple approaching the café. He was a tall, slender and handsome young man, walking with confidence, holding the hand of a girl with long, blonde hair.
He got closer to one of the waiters, whispering in his ear. The waiter smirked and showed them a table where they could sit. There was some mystery about the whole situation, so I decided to observe them from my spot, curious about what all of that meant, shielding my face with the menu booklet I had been given.

Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice St. Mark Square Orchestra


Champagne Flutes

Soon after, they were served two Champagne flutes, which came in a silver tray. The girl gazed at her glass, noticing there was something sparkling inside. She immediately covered her face with her hands, as a sign of emotion, and looked at him with shiny eyes.

I was not the only one who realized something special was about to happen. The young man stood up and made a gesture, at which the orchestra started playing a romantic melody. He then took her by the hand, in front of everyone present, who were staring in awe at what was happening.
The young man seemed to know everybody was curious about his next move, as he kneeled in front of her and took a diamond ring out of the Champagne glass. He then took a deep breath, and proposed to her with a calm voice.

Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice ring


Dancing in the moonlight

There was a minute of silence, her eyes filled with tears.
She pulled him from the ground, and with an assertive tone she pronounced the most awaited two words: «I do!».
An intense smile took over his expression, as he took her by the hand and made her spin twice, before taking her close and kissing her softly. The music from the orchestra intensified greatly, and they started dancing. The moonlight was shining on them, as the passerbies clapped and cheered.

That is when I saw Meghan approaching the premises, looking confused at what had just happened. I explained to her the beautiful scene that had just unrolled before my eyes. We fantasized about this happening to either of us one day.
That was the last day Meghan showed up late to our meet-ups.

The color I chose to write down later that day was “RED”, representing the passion I had come in contact with that evening. I fell asleep with the wish that something like that could happen to me one day.


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Marry Me Caffè Florian Venice couple dancing