Marry Me At Florian: my marriage proposal in Venice

Marry Me At Florian: my marriage proposal in Venice

Are you in love? They say the greatest joy is to see your lover happy. As happy as I am now, just back from a weekend in Venice that I will never forget. But first, let me tell you everything from the beginning. Can you imagine that kind of woman who cares for details, with her freshly done perm and her clothes in matching colors? Here, to imagine how I am, you must think about the opposite.

Fergus, instead, is a very romantic man, meticulous and sometimes almost fastidious. He organized everything four our trip to Venice. Since we’ve lived together, life has become frenetic and the time we once took for ourselves was soon swallowed up by the small tasks of everyday life.


Breakfast at Caffè Florian

We left the damp climate of Scotland in the evening and, thanks to the stopover in Amsterdam, we arrived early in the morning, when the sun began to heat the city and its streets started to fill with workers and tourists looking for the perfect picture. Once brought the luggage to the hotel, we immediately headed to Piazza San Marco. We were on an empty stomach since we left, we were starving, and so we decided to stop and have breakfast at Caffè Florian.

I found myself gently feeling the fabric of the turquoise sofa on which I was sitting. Hand-decorated mirrors, elegant glass details, and inlaid parquet were all around me. I am no attentive person, however, elegance reigns supreme in the Liberty Room of the oldest café in Italy, and even I can detect it.

hot chocolate caffè florian

Consciously forgetting about the diet, I order a hot chocolate and a selection of pastries to start this day at its best.
Fergus, who in the meantime had turned away for a phone call, returns with a beautiful smile. I ask him the reason why, and he tells me he’s just happy to spend some time with me. And so am I.

Chocolate and pastries have arrived. «How much time has gone since we first met?»
4 years and 8 months, I could never forget it! We were both in Venice for a company trip: I was trying to climb without help on the water taxi as I slipped, but Fergus’ strong hand grabbed me, avoiding an unfortunate fall.


The same old scatterbrain

I burst out laughing while remembering the scene and I drop the hot chocolate on my legs, soiling my pants. “Always the same!” he states, putting his hands in his hair.

Couple having breakfast at Caffè Florian

I call the waiter, who kindly brings me another napkin to clean up the mess. Hidden inside it there is a blue sheet. I recognize Fergus’s handwriting: «Follow me».

I look at him without understanding. He silently takes my hand and leads me out of the Liberty Room.


Marry me at Florian

The Caffè Florian Orchestra is playing a sparkling melody, like the air of this morning. Staring me into the eyes, he tells me that it was my carelessness to make him fall in love with me. Then he kneels in front of me. I can’t move. A waiter brings me a huge bunch of red roses, while another one puts a heart-shaped cake on the table.

On the cake, written with chocolate: “Will you marry me?”

will you marry me cake marriage proposal

I’m speechless. In front of so many people watching us, I care for a second about my stained trousers… so embarrassing!

«Yes! Yes!». Fergus gently puts the ring on my finger and we kiss tenderly. I’ll soon be his wife!


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waiter Caffè Florian