Marry Me at Florian: a perfect honeymoon in Venice

Marry Me at Florian: a perfect honeymoon in Venice

The last few weeks were fantastic.
We made a breathtaking tour of the most famous Italian cities, from south to north. We were tourists by chance and improvised hikers. From the coastline and the deep blue seas of Sicily to long walks in the Apennines.
And then the local gastronomy tours, impossible to forget. The only thought of Italian delicacies savored during our honeymoon makes me drool.

And finally here we are in the city of love, Venice.
History, tradition and charm of the unique city in the world, where the water and the earth complement each other and give life to something extraordinary. Just like two lovers.
The best part of this honeymoon? Difficult to say. Perhaps it is just this, as I lose myself in my husband’s pitch-colored eyes while the memories of this magical journey crowd in my mind.


Our lounge in Venice

My husband is sitting right here, in front of me. Our gaze is the gaze of love, no words are needed. We are in one of the Caffè Florian‘s sitting rooms, which has now become our point of reference. From the first day we spent in Venice, we were enchanted by this place. Many of our sightseeing tours in the city always ended here to relax, have a coffee and enjoy live music.

Caffè Florian is like home for us: it is always ready to welcome us and put us at ease. And especially today, which is our last honeymoon day, we decided to spend a little more time on this soft sofa.
It is always pleasant to experience the atmosphere of the Café. It gives me magical sensations and every time I step in, I remain enchanted as if for the first time.

The Liberty Room

I turn my gaze behind my husband so I can see my reflection in one of the large mirrors that adorn the walls of this room. The glass surface is decorated with a golden floral motif, which perfectly matches the elegant doodles painted on the surrounding walls. They stand out on the white plaster and give brightness not only to the environment, but also to ourselves. The Liberty Room has always been my favorite among all.

Suddenly, the warm hand of my husband is about mine and the intertwining of our fingers interrupts my thoughts for a moment. We look at each other again.
I am proud to have a woman like you by my side. You make me the happiest man in the world. I love you, baby.
I blush like the first time we met, like the first time he declared himself… and a smile radiates my face and my heart.


Talking about us

I wish this moment would never end. I do not know how much time has passed since we crossed the threshold of the Caffè Florian. We sat here to speak not only with words, but also with the heart. Slowly I sip this good coffee that was served by a very polite and smiling waiter. It has an intense and decisive aroma. I taste it well to impress this flavor in my mind. In this way, when I think of Caffè Florian, I will associate this delicious scent.

And so, between a gaze and some caresses, my husband and I find ourselves talking about our future projects.
What will our life be like now? What will change? We’ve always imagined it but now it’s happening. Our new home is ready to welcome us and I cannot wait to wake up every morning with my man next to me and to live my life with him.


Good news at Caffè Florian

In particular, there is one thing that will change our new life together.
I look at him softly and wave together my fingers to his. I guide his hand towards me and gently support it on my belly. At the same time, our waiter approaches again at our table. From his silver tray he places a small baby bottle on the table in front of my husband. “Congratulations!”, he exclaims smiling and leaves.

My husband turns to me with a brilliance that he never had before in his eyes. His mouth is open like a child amazed by a new hilarious discovery. I smile to him tenderly and immediately, he hugs me, tightly gripping me to himself. I burst into tears of joy and I feel a tear coming down on his cheek too.
Now, everything is perfect. Now, everything is as I’ve always dreamed of.


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