Marry Me at Florian: an unforgettable weekend in Venice

Marry Me at Florian: an unforgettable weekend in Venice

Gianna and Matteo live in Puglia, in a small village in the hinterland, surrounded by olive groves and trulli. They met each other in school years and have never been separated since. Gianna and Matteo love to travel far away. Every time they return from a trip, they mark the just visited place on a giant map.

In 2008, an unexpected gift filled their lives with joy. Since then, Gianna and Matteo have completely dedicated themselves to the family. As a consequence, they have hung the map on the nail, on the main wall of their store. They wanted to keep their passion alive and so they opened a small souvenir boutique. It is not easy to carry on a shop like this but, certainly, it gives them a lot of satisfactions. Seeing themselves again in all those couples of tourists who cross their threshold every day is one of these.


Wedding anniversary in Venice

Gianna looks once again through the window while Matteo lowers the last shutter.
“SORRY, WE ARE CLOSED”. It already arouses a bit of nostalgia to read that sign hanging on the door of their shop. When was the last time they hung it? Gianna does not even remember it anymore.

Sorry We Are Closed sign

«Are you sure you have uploaded the last order?».
Matteo snorts and reassures his wife for the third time to the same question.
«I hope our twins will behave well with your brother…»
She is a very sweet and apprehensive mother. This time, her concern is perfectly normal: she has never separated from her children for a whole weekend. She has no sense of guilt though.

This is a special anniversary and, as such, it should be celebrated.
Where are they going? In Venice, the most romantic and unique city in the world.
But Gianna still doesn’t know that right there, in the heart of St. Mark’s Square, she’s going to find a surprise that she will never forget.


“Welcome to the Caffè Florian”

The sun is high on the lagoon and radiates throughout St. Mark’s Square.
Matteo slips off the silk scarf from his wife’s neck and blindfolds her eyes. She laughs, amused. She seems to have gone back in time, a twenty-year-old dive where the carelessness drove their journeys. He takes her by the hand and turns her around. Then he wraps his arms around her waist and leads her safely across the square. Suddenly the sun disappears and an intense aroma of coffee tickles her nose.

Caffè Florian outside

They stop after a few more steps and the bandage slips away. Her gaze is a mixture of wonder and disbelief. She finds herself at the center of an ancient and elegant room, in front of a mirror with a golden frame. She sees a waiter behind her approaching with refined step: «Welcome to the Caffè Florian».


Magic moments in the Senate Room

The waiter pulls away the chair to Gianna and lets her sit down.
«I’ll come back in a few minutes», he whispers and turns away, with the same grace as he had arrived.
Gianna still cannot believe that she is right here, at Caffè Florian. She heard a lot about it and always wanted to come here. She often said it to Matteo, but she would never have thought of such a surprise. Caffè Florian had always fascinated her for its history, its international fame and for the art it contains. Right now, she is admiring a piece of this art, sitting in the Senate Room.

Caffè Florian Senate Room

The surrounding walls are a riot of frescoes. The ceiling is reminiscent of a Venetian Renaissance church, with a large central painting and four medallions on its sides. Gold is the color that dominates and illuminates the whole environment.


A cake for lovers

While she is contemplating the beauty of that room, the waiter approaches her shoulders.
Gianna tries to discover from the image reflected in the mirror what the boy brings in his hands, but she cannot.

When the waiter finally shows up at their table, Gianna remains open-mouthed, speechless. In front of them there is a romantic heart shaped cake, covered with soft cream. Two soft rosebuds lie on the tufts created with the Sac a Poche. The waiter puts the silver tray on the table and gives them two glasses of Prosecco Florian.

Caffè Florian Marry Me cake

«Happy anniversary, my love», Matteo whispers, making the gesture of toast. A smile explodes on Gianna’s face and a tear of joy runs down. “I love you” are the only words worthy of this moment that come out of her lips.


On the notes of your song …

Time seems to have stopped in the Senate Room at Caffè Florian. Gianna and Matteo find their complicity and rediscover the intimacy that the daily routine had hidden. They are remembering all the best moments of their love story and designing those to come.

“What more could I wish for?”.
Gianna’s thinking is interrupted by a familiar melody. Matteo holds out his hand, makes her stand up and leads her to the outside patio. There are many people sitting on these tables watching the intriguing scene while the Caffè Florian orchestra is playing.

Caffè Florian OrchestraOh my God, this is our song!“. Once again the thought of Gianna is interrupted, this time by Matteo’s embrace that leads her into a shy romantic slow dance.

A flashback of their wedding day comes, at their first dance on the notes of that song. A dance that today sees them as protagonists in Venice, in a very special setting.


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Caffè Florian waiter

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