Discovering Mediterranean flavours across the Land of the Sun

Discovering Mediterranean flavours across the Land of the Sun

Can you smell the aromas of saltiness and life? Can you smell the fragrance of citrus notes floating in the air? Do you feel the warm sea breeze? There, these are the first sensations that will surround you as soon as you step into the “Land of the Sun”. Sicily will satisfy all your senses and will give you an unforgettable experience.
This island has a crystalline sea and a volcanic charm, and if you choose to celebrate your wedding here you know for sure that the banquet will be the highlight of the whole day. Scenic and abundant meals will await you in a land where tradition is mixed with different cultures to give birth to some unique dishes.

Let’s find out which are the typical products of sicilian cuisine: most of their raw materials are the basis of the internationally renowned “Mediterranean cuisine”.

The heart of Mediterranean cuisine

Aromatic herbs are the main characters, since the mild climate of this land provides optimal conditions for cultivating them. The aromas in the dishes of your menu will be laurel, mint, wild fennel and saffron (called “the red gold of Sicily” and imported from Arabs).
During your reception, you cannot miss the cheeses, the most ancient traditional food: caciocavallo, pecorino cheese and Sicilian provola are the most widespread kind of cheese throughout the island. Furthermore, there’s going to be ricotta, the basis of the entire Sicilian pastry making and of many savoury fillings.

You will also find great abundance of vegetables: Pachino tomatoes, aubergines and many products that this generous land gives us. Among all of them, there are the sublime olives, from which we obtain the precious extra virgin olive oil, a delicate condiment that elegantly packs every flavour.
Finally, if you love fish Sicily is the right choice: being an island, the dishes based on fresh fish are a commonplace.

sicilian cuisine-typical products

Traditional dishes of sicilian cuisine

Did you get an idea of the typical products of Sicilian cuisine? Now, let’s have a look to how these ingredients are combined in typical dishes and just start to imagine how your wedding menu might look like!

  • Appetizers: the most traditional are the caponata (fried vegetables seasoned with tomato sauce and spices), the aubergine’s parmigiana (layers of aubergines, tomato and different types of cheese) and the orange salad.
  • First courses: the key word here is PASTA! Baked, fried or seasoned with different sauces… You can have it cooked as you want and you cannot miss it. Among the most famous are pasta with sardines, pasta alla norma (fried aubergines and tomato), pasta with pistachio’s pesto and spaghetti with sea urchins.
  • Second courses: some examples are ghiotta (typical fish soup), pesce al sale and sardines “a beccafico”.

End it with flourish and sweetness

Try to image a buffet full of typical Sicilian desserts… Zeppole, mostaccioli, almond pastry, cuddureddi, blancmange, cannoli and ‘nzuddi. Imagine the queen of Sicilian pastry put in the centre: the cassata. A triumph of ricotta and candied fruit on a soft sponge cake. What do you think about a “cassata wedding cake”? It would be original and delicious.
Finally another must-have on Sicilian tables is dried fruit, including Avola almond and pistachio of Bronte.

sicilian cuisine dessert
Notice that all the dishes belonging to Sicilian cuisine have many variations, which depend on the areas you are in. But the unique flavours of Sicily and the warmth of its inhabitants will make your wedding a moment of unforgettable conviviality, which will remain forever imprinted on you, on your heart but above all… on your papillae!

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