Morena Rombolà, Tourism & Events Consulting

Morena Rombolà, Tourism & Events Consulting

Morena Rombolà, Tourism & Events Consulting

“Tourism is art and passion.”

There aren’t better words than the one from Morena Rombolà to introduce her charming profession of Tourism & Events Consulting, a growing line of work with a strong – and crucial – international approach. Target consultations to facilities and locations, planning of companies events, conferences, cultural events and festivals: the best options of the tourist service.

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A fervid passion for the tourist industry that Morena Rombolà has being nurturing since when she was at University, and which has led her through an amazing career, up to the most wished achievement of every skilled professional, the business adventure of M&A Events, a private company working in the wedding and events consulting field.

Morena’s goal? Bringing her own art into the italian tourist market in an innovative and professional way, always respecting those high quality standards which are the vital ingredients of every valuable working project.

Because, as she has often come to the conclusion throughout her working experiences, “Italy is like a beautiful woman who doesn’t have a clue about her charm or potential.” An unbearable fate for our land, who has been offering us its universal heritage of immeasurable value, a fate that professionals like Morena have the strength and ability to prevent.

“Steady updating, professional training, practise and dialogue between different people and cultures”. These are the guidelines strictly followed by Morena Rombolà in her promotional campaign of the made in Italy brand, innovative projects and bold choices with a common denominator: constant learning and deep knowledge, “ the best publicity you can ever have”.

The growth in the Wedding industry

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The growth in the wedding tourism was a natural progression for Morena Rombolà, who started to realize the great potential of this promising line of work since the first requests of wedding in Italy:

“ Lovers of our country who would have crossed the Ocean in order to get married in Rome or in other parts of Italy.”

It wasn’t long before Morena Rombolà started to be the successful wedding planner she is now, taking part to many classes of high formation, as the one she attended to in Milano in 2009 with the famous wedding planner Enzo Miccio.

In 2016 started the adventure of the brand “Let’s get married in Italy”, a project entirely run by women and dedicated to wedding in Italy, founded by Morena Rombolà and her colleague and friend Antonella Carta. The main goal is the promotion of the “italian style” wedding abroad (like the National Wedding Show of London), offering at the same time an all inclusive planning: wedding participations, ceremony, music, floral decorations, catering, honeymoon and even fireworks!

The future bride and groom can relay on a network of local suppliers, carefully selected, who will help them in the choosing of the best products of the territory, and will be guided step by step by the two wedding planners in the selection of the most fascinating and unique locations.

 “ We have to rise the quality level of the services we offer, starting from a solid background of beauties that nature and history had left for us.”

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But “Let’s get married in Italy” is more than this:

“ We don’t only promote locations or destinations, but Italy in its wholeness: the italian cuisine and its traditional dishes, the italian design and culture.”

A very successful choice, which lures fans of the “Bel Paese” from all around the world – especially from the USA and Lebanon – and requires dedication and steady effort in the dialogue with the future spouses, towards the perfect Wedding Project.

We asked Morena to tell us the most memorable adventures, the most interesting stories of her long journey towards the realization of every lover’s biggest day.

“I found myself talking at night on WhatsApp with brides from Los Angeles, or taking a flight to London to talk to the groom’s mothers-in-law […] one time during the setting up of a small Scottish wedding I had to saw all the tables of the reception because the supplier had delivered chairs with different sizes […]  once the wedding couple had to be escorted by the Police towards the chosen location, because it was faraway in the Puglia’s countryside.”


A challenging job, energetic, eclectic but above all an exciting job, able to offer not only unforgettable rewards but also an immense emotional legacy:

“I always get emotional every time a wedding is celebrated. When everything is about to start and the bride looks for me before leaving her room, I literary melt with emotions.”

Marco Angius, wedding photographer

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Any wedding wouldn’t be the same without the guarantee to be an everlasting memory in the mind of anyone who was involved. Following this train of thought, the job of the wedding photographer plays a role of massive importance in the overall planning of every wedding celebration: nothing rekindles past emotions like a picture does.

This is something that Marco Angius knows very well; wedding photographer located in Cagliari, his breathtaking pictures have lighted up this article so far.

With discretion and talent he captures your brightest moments: through the lens of his camera, your love will come alive like never before.

A passion for photography that Marco has been nourishing since she was young, when fascinated and intrigued by the world around him, he started to make his vision of life a form of art.

“ I try to portray the truth of things as it is.”

This is the manifesto of Marco Angius’s photography, which reflects the talent and skilfulness he works with. Marco Angius’s photography studio offers as wedding package the entire photoshooting of the ceremony and the possibility to buy high quality photo albums, the greatest gift to any romantic heart.

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The best photoshooting yet?

“The one I did in Ginevra, Switzerland. Maybe it was the beautiful city, maybe the  level of education, maybe an high community spirit; it was a total pleasure doing it.”  

“ I want the wedding couple to recognize themselves in their most intimate and emotional moments through my pictures. I prefer to observe them, going unnoticed. I found out this is the real secret to beautiful photos.”

A style of photography rich of small details, of gentile touches, of brief moments and happiness, of lights and atmosphere.

A photography of love.