My wedding on the beach in Veneto

My wedding on the beach in Veneto

It’s not a secret that my favorite Disney movie has always been “The Little Mermaid”. Maybe because I’ve always seen myself in her: so naive, yet so strong, brave and dreamy. When I was a child I broke the videotape because I watched it too many times, and I remember I had toys of every kind. So, when I found out that I could marry the love of my life on the beach just like Ariel, I couldn’t believe that. In short, a wedding on the beach, a ceremony by the sea in Veneto: is it all even possible? (Btw: yes!)

The ceremony by the sea

And so, here I am, May the 10th, walking down a beautiful, flowery walkway made just for me on the seashore, in the perfect white dress I dreamt when I was but a child, and my best friends around me wearing water-green bridesmaid’s dresses. There are also our friends and relatives, but only the dearest since we wanted an intimate ceremony. My wedding on the beach is finally a dream come true. 

Wedding on the beach in Veneto: setting for the ceremony by the sea

After the wedding march, I pull back the veil and there nothing but us and the sound of water. We exchange our vows and wedding rings, while the sea breeze caresses our faces and the waves accompany us. A beautiful memory forever engraved in my heart.

The magic continues…

After the ceremony by the sea we move, followed by our guests, to the reception. It takes place in a delightful beachfront restaurant, a few steps from the setting of the ceremony. Every detail is enchanting: from the flowers of the centerpieces to the immaculate tablecloths, to the panoramic view of the beach that we enjoy from here.

We chose a fish-based menu: an appetizer of sea cicadas and polenta and schie, creamed cod, marinated anchovies and sardines in saòr. The first course of bigoli follows, and then gransoporo, Venetian cuttlefish and mixed fry. To finish in sweetness: a huge tiramisù, the typical and authentic Veneto dessert!

Wedding on the beach in Veneto: lunch table setting after the ceremony by the sea

To drink we had been offered a Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, sparkling at the right point and perfect in combination with our menu. Needless to say, our guests seem to like it.

After lunch, which lasted all afternoon, the band we’d chosen for evening entertainment performed, and we danced all night long, refreshed by the breeze and glancing from time to time the sea. 

The best day ever

I have no words to express my joy when I found out that I could celebrate my wedding on the beach in Veneto: there aren’t many regions in Italy where this is possible, so we have been very lucky. I think that Cavallino-Treporti was the best choice for our ceremony by the sea, because it’s a very special area where you can see the sea meeting the Lagoon of Venice, and it’s a very breathtaking view, especially when enlighted by the sunset atmosphere.

Wedding on the beach in Veneto: ceremony by the sea bridesmaids' dress

I’d want to thank from the bottom of my heart to all those who contributed to making this day so perfect, and those who wanted to share it with us. I recommend to everyone a wedding like mine, so special and with the scent of the sea, especially those who won’t settle for a classic ceremony but want an enchanted and fairy touch.

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