The dream list

The dream list

If the wedding of your dreams is just to pricey, “Split it” with the one who loves you

Little riddle: is waited and always appreciated as well as (almost never) right. What is it?

The answer is the gift, of course!

Usually, the one who gives it has completely different tastes than the one who receives it, and the unwrapping the gifts can quickly become a true nightmare and not the exciting moment you should expect.

And even if a gift is still a gift, and it can’t possible be refused, it’s also true that when we’re talking about an event so important and unique (unlike the birthday!) as a wedding, we demand bigger efforts.

The majority of the modern bride and groom has already experienced how it feels to live together with his/her loved one, so they surely don’t need a second share of sheets or shiny pots and pans.

online wedding list splitit
Doing a wedding list trough a travel agency is one of the most common choice: the perfect idea for those couples who don’t need anything rather than getting away from everything and everyone (just joking, of course).

But if travelling around the world could be a shared whish, it’s not everybody cup of tea; there are many more ways to give a very welcomed gift keeping it still quite cheap.

The perfect example is SplitIt, a website where you can create an online wedding list and invite all you guests to make a free and voluntary donation.

online wedding list splitit

The final prize will help the wedding couple to realize their truest and most desiderate wishes!