Orchid: Elegance and Sensuality… Even in Your Bouquet!

Orchid: Elegance and Sensuality… Even in Your Bouquet!

A Scented Orchid Bouquet

The orchid has always been considered the flower of passionate love, but at the same time it has been appointed as the flower of sophistication and harmony. Plant of extreme elegance and mysterious charm, it is the ideal flower for a bride who shares these same characteristics.

Orchid bouquet: purple orchid

The queen of the flowers”, name given to the orchids for their extreme beauty, is a cosmopolitan plant and it belongs to one of the largest groups of the plant world. It is a strong flower that can be found everywhere in the world, except for those regions with particular harsh climates, such as in the deserts and glaciers.

Popular beliefs on the orchid’s powers are lost in the mists of time; for centuries, not corresponded lovers would prepare love potions with it, believing in its aphrodisiac properties, which were said to be able to make impossible love blossom.

Witches and sorcerers would use it for their love and eternal youth elixirs; writers and painters for centuries have praised and painted it as symbol of erotism and sensual beauty… But what is the current meaning of this flower ?

Meaning and Symbolism

Today the orchid is a flower to give to the woman you love, it is a flower that symbolizes a deep feeling, an important and lasting affection.
luxury, charm and passion: those who donate an orchid to a woman, are giving her all their dedication.

Orchid Bouquet: meaning and symbolism

A Flower for Every Occasion

Pink, yellow, pastel, dark brown, purple: for every occasion, the right colour.
Orchids are used in many different important occasions, so in weddings as they represent a symbol of greeting, of congratulation and of good luck too.

Coloured and perfumed, orchids are beautiful flowers that can be used to create elegant and sophisticated compositions.
Their elegant lines are very loved by brides, they fit very well to the wedding day, they can be used for decorating the location and creating original centerpieces.

Orchid bouquet for wedding

Any original ideas to use them in your bouquet?

These flowers give you the chance to create beautiful compositions, suitable for different styles.

For a classical and elegant wedding, you can create a beautiful bouquet in vase, using different colours of orchids, or combining them with summer flowers of particular beauty.

If you’re looking for a more original style, you can create a composition using branches and hanging orchids.

Our floral designer Patrizia di Braida will amaze you.

By rolling some strips of delicate wood around the orchid bouquet, Patrizia creates a unique and original composition. To make the colours and intense perfumes of orchids stand out, she lays gently down white phalaenopsis on the bouquet, successfully creating a particular effect of colours and elegance.
This is a bouquet that fits perfectly a bride wearing a delicate and light wedding dress.

wedding Orchid bouquet