The wedding professionals: interview to Pamella Dunn

The wedding professionals: interview to Pamella Dunn

Pamella Dunn wedding planner: the world of wedding

Calm under pressure, genuine, warm, people skills, a thirst for creative design and, above all, a flexible approach to work.

Is this the magical recipe of how the perfect wedding planner is made? Pamella Dunn assures us so. And if she is the one to tell us so, we are going to believe her. Pamella is in fact the winner of the Best Luxury Destination Award 2017, prestigious prize that recognized her as a leader in the luxury wedding market, making her feel honored and grateful.

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But the key lies in the capability of working in a team too: Pamella humbly declares that without the fantastic team, network of first class suppliers, their wonderful clients and their heartfelt feedback and reviews they really wouldn’t be where they are today.


Of course, no one is born as a wedding planner: Pamella Dunn comes from a senior management corporate career, which involved planning and hosting events from conferences to team building and recruitment days. In 2010, she eventually founded the wedding design and planning business, with an extensive network of contacts, venues, and experience behind and a huge attraction to the creative design process in an exciting environment. That’s how she made her own dream come true.

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Her passion is evident in every detail of her events: her sense of style in using luxe elements gives an additional touch to every celebration, making it glamorous, sophisticated and unique. She was also able to realize her love for flowers featuring floral installations in most of her weddings and including the floral design in her extremely successful Hire Collection, that involves luxury props and event accessories too. She also gave life to a Wedding Store, whose gifts and decorations are just a pleasure for the eyes.

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Resourceful and dynamic as she is, Pamella loves traveling and believes that one of the joys of the business is being able to work any where in the world. Italy is one of her favorite destinations and in the top 5 most sought after for destination weddings by foreign clients, she claims. Its sunny weather and the beauty of its landscapes and ancient locations meet the requests of the majority of couples and invite to enjoy a lovely outdoor wedding, Pamella’s favorite. She also feels that participating to the Educational Tour in Liguria (2-5 October 2017) enriched her preparation with the added value of offering first hand knowledge to her clients who choose Liguria for their wedding.

But Pamella never stops following her dreams. Her 2018 will see interesting collaborations with international selected partners to offer consultancy and wedding design. Another exciting project will involve taking My Wedding Business training program on the road, with the host of workshops and retreats for wedding businesses across the globe.

Despite her super busy schedule, Pamella hopes to carve out some time to fly back to Italy soon and experience its wonderful hospitality once again.

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