Not only “confetti”

Not only “confetti”

Alternative idea to the classic wedding favor

Wikipedia categorizes it as “ a good luck charm, usually containing some sweets ( italian “confetti”), which is used to be given as a gift during important celebrations.” However, most people (just like me) categorizes it as one of the many bits and bobs that will stay hidden and used till the next move.

We’re talking about the wedding favor, the italian “bomboniera”.                                                                     The decision regarding the shape and the utility of this gift of old tradition is still one of the many duties of the future bride and groom …

In a world where technology is everywhere, where it is even possible to find a tutorial on you tube on how to make your own bed, is awfully easy to find ideas and inspirations for your wedding favor, suited to very taste, ability and wallet.

Sweet surprise

Cornerstone of every traditional  wedding favor is the inside full of “confetti”: five almonds covered in sugar (or chocolate or whatever you want really) symbolizing wealth, richness, happiness, fecundity and longevity.

But if you don’t mind going against the current, you can ditch the old traditions and replace the “confetti “ with sweet replacements…

Very popular nowadays are the French macarons, colourful and tasty little pastries of meringue, which can be pilled one at the top of the others inside transparent boxes decorated with the spouses’ names and the date of the wedding.

wedding favors sweet


wedding favors macarons


Same goes for other sweets, like M&M’s (did you know they can be custom-made just for you?), lollipops and why not, even Nutella!

wedding favors nutella


Because Italy has such an old tradition of high quality, good food and wine, a very interesting (and nice) idea could be offering to your guests an “homemade” product, even better if it was made by the bride and the groom themselves. Unique bottles of wine or flavoured liquor, jar of jam or honey simply decorated with coloured ribbons, little wooden boxes with scented tea leaves inside.

wedding favors oil       wedding favors wine

wedding favors honey

No more silverware

A silver object, even if very precious and beautiful, could not be the best solution for all of your guests. It’s better then if you go with something more suitable to every style of furniture: little succulents, personalized hangers for your bridesmaids and best men, scented candles.

wedding favors hangerswedding favors jam

wedding favors plants

Playful souvenirs

Even if their real use is highly questionable, is also definitely true that a funny and playful wedding favour can be the best solution for a young couple of spouses. Soap bubbles, small survival/ hangover kit (because c’mon, you’ll be hangover the day after the wedding) or packets of flower seeds to plant and nourish in memory of your friends’ wedding.

wedding favors teawedding favors kit

wedding favors gift