The romantic side of the Pedemontana Veneta

The romantic side of the Pedemontana Veneta

The Pedemontana Veneta area: 5 places to say “I love you”

The Pedemontana veneta area goes from the Valpolicella to the city of Vittorio Veneto, through the beating heart of Veneto, made of rolling hills and ancient villages of immense beauty.

When talking about the Pedemontana usully what comes to mind are open air activities, what is called “active” tourism. Athlets from all around the world arrive to this area just to train in the famous “Cycling ring of Montello”.

From Vittorio Veneto to Bassano del Grappa, passing by the Ravine Lake, all the way to Follina, Valdobbiadene, Vidor and Asolo, we can easily find many hikes to enjoy by foot or by bike, even by horse.

But today we’re going to explore the romantic side of the Pedemontana veneta, giving you many ideas to spend some quality time with your love ones.

Here 5 things to see and do with your other half in the Pedamontana veneta.

1) Some alone time at the  Castelbrando a Cison di Valmarino (City of Treviso)

A Medieval fortress, which was for many centuries the residence of the noble family Brandolini, today is a luxury hotel with stellar restaurant and Spa. A romantic day at Castelbrando can start with a walk among the paths surrounding the castle, then with some relaxing time spent at the Spa centre and finally with one of the many concerts or shows planned for this summer.

Pedemontana Veneta Castelbrando

2) A toast at Valdobbiadene

The area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene is the land of Prosecco, one of the most famous wine of the world. So why don’t have a toast with an amazing glass of wine and some local food speciality, maybe seated on a balcony overlooking the green hills of Veneto?

Le colline del Prosecco Pedemontana Veneta

3) Walking hand by hand at the Bassano Bridge

Near Asiago and the Grappa mountain there is the city of Bassano del Grappa, with its famous Ponte Vecchio bridge (also known as Ponte degli Alpini). During some summer nights, when the city lights reflect on the waters, walking through the bridge can be a very romantic experience. What are you waiting for?

Bassano del Grappa Pedemontana Veneta

4) Enjoying the view from the  Villa Belmonte a Sarcedo

One of the most beautiful villa in the region of Veneto, built on a very particolar spot overlooking the entire landscape of hills and vineyards. Villa Belmonte has always been a beloved destination by many couples and now has just become a wedding location too.

Villa Belmonte Pedemontana veneta

5) Candlelight dinner at Soave

Listed as one of the stop of the italian Touring Club, the city of Soave, surrounded by its medieval walls, is a true jewel to visit. From Piazza Antenna the walk through the Scaligero Castle is beautiful. Once there you can have a candlelight dinner with typical Veneto dishes and the Soave DOC, the local wine.

Soave Pedemontana Veneta