Poolside wedding: Top location

Poolside wedding: Top location

How many of you dream of a wedding by the pool on a romantic midsummer night?

Whether for the entire reception or the tasting of the wedding cake, a swimming pool is an excellent place for relaxation and entertaining the guests.

The play of light and water and a glass of good wine can help anyone to loosen up and join the party.

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The ideal season for a poolside wedding is summer, from June to August, but the guests will not refuse an invitation on warm evenings until mid or late September.

The top location we have selected for your poolside wedding is the Royal Hotel Sanremo.

Its swimming pool, designed by Gió Ponti in 1948, is a jewel of modern architecture, designed to be an oasis rather than an obligation.

“I hate rectangular pools. Are the lakes or rivers rectangular? I want pools for nymphs, into which we can dive from the top of a tree, and have a bar above the water.”

Gió Ponti

Farewell to the smell of chlorine: the pool of the Royal Sanremo is filled with seawater, held at a temperature of 27 ° C!

poolside wedding, wedding by the pool

Scenic and relaxing

With the backdrop of the Ligurian sea, the Mediterranean pool of Liguria offers elegance and a tropical ambience.

Its palm trees and flowers and attention to natural details in rope and wood provide a picturesque and tropical environment for a unique reception.

In the city of flowers and song, the Royal Hotel Sanremo offers not only its beautiful swimming pool but a gourmet kitchen suitable for any menu.

From elaborate appetizers to the simplest fruit basket

The professionalism and attentiveness is top-notch. In addition to la Corallina, the poolside bar, the Gourmet del Giardino offers a wide choice of dishes and wines, selected to be able to offer the very best to your guests.

How could you miss the opportunity for a midnight swim on such an important day?

Our recommendations:

Book well in advance, given the high demand of the structure.