The reasons to get married in Venice

The reasons to get married in Venice

Wedding on the Grand Canal

Venice- The Gritti Palace

You are an incurable romantic? Celebrating your own wedding in Venice is a dream for many Italians and foreign people. A wedding in Venice means to spend unforgettable moments in the most romantic city in the world. Surrender yourself to the emotions coming from the lights of a city built on the water, let surround yourself by colorful Venetian buildings with a unique style, spend romantic moments on gondolas and get lost among the “calli”, Venetian streets, and enjoy the play of a sunset on the water.

Choose Venice for your own wedding also means becoming part of the long Venetian history and being surrounded by art and culture in the open air and inside the ancient buildings. Main stops-over: St. Mark’s Square and its Cathedral, Doge’s Palace, the Zattere, Bridge of Sighs, the Giudecca and the  other Venetian islands. For a special moment, we recommend a tour of the Grand Canal on a gondola, Venetian historic boat. Those who enjoy cultural and social events will not be disappointed: Venice offers important and international events such as Carnival and the Biennale, an exhibition of art, architecture, cinema, dance, music and theater. There are also a lot of art museums, related to the Venetian eighteenth century, modern and contemporary art, oriental art.

The hospitality and attention to every detail are key features of the Venetian locations in which you can arrange your wedding reception.

Today we recommend you The Gritti Palace, whose hall was the meeting place of Royals families and famous people who celebrated their special moments here over the centuries. A team of experts will assist the bride and groom during every step of their wedding. The halls and terraces where you can arrange the reception are different from each other and thus they allow both large and small weddings. The Redentore Terrace, for example, offers a unique view of the Grand Canal and Venice and can accommodate up to 80 guests for cocktails or 40 for wedding banquets.

The poetic charm of this water city  is a special gift that the bride and groom can do to themselves and their loved ones. Enjoy your wedding in Venice!

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