Redeemer Feast in Venice: the best hotels’ terraces

Redeemer Feast in Venice: the best hotels’ terraces

The fireworks of the Redeemer's Feast in Venice

Redeemer Feast’s fireworks in Venice watched from the most beautiful hotels’ terraces

Also this year Venice is ready to celebrate the Redeemer, the most appreciated feast by Venetians and tourists. Events preparations starts on Saturday, July 16: you can watch the impressive fireworks from the terraces of  the best hotels in Venice!

The Terrace Restaurant of  Hotel Danieli is ready to celebrate the feast with a special menu. For those who prefer a menu with “cicchetti”, delicious Venetian nibbles, the Danieli will please you with its bistrot “The Egg”.

In The Gritti Palace, instead, you can find Club Del Doge restaurant and Longhi bar overlooking the lagoon. People who want to have total privacy can book now for next year the Terrace Suite Redeemer, private suite with terrace.

Enjoy a gala dinner at the restaurant La Cusina  or in the Lounge Bar Tiepolo at the Westin Europa & Regina.

An alternative could be the Redeemer dinner at Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, or also at Canova Restaurant of Luna Hotel Baglioni.

A word on the history of the Redeemer Feast, born to celebrate Christ who rescued the people from 1577  plague. The Venetian Senate in order to celebrate this event gave the charge to the famous and the great architect Andrea Palladio to build the Redeemer’s Church in  Giudecca island which was finished in 1592. Already in 1577 a wooden church was provisionally built and Venice was linked to the island of Giudecca through a floating boardwalk. Since then, every Venice and the Giudecca are linked to allow the passage of clergy and enthusiasts during the two days of festivities. The starting time of the fireworks is about 11.30pm and the end is after midnight.

Ready to watch the sky? We  also suggest you to observe Venice changing its colors and reflecting on the water in a unique show in the world! Check availability and contact hotels by phone or email or by going on their website.