Wedding at the Reggia of Venaria

Wedding at the Reggia of Venaria

The Reggia of Venaria is a wonderful location for your wedding day, within charming halls and amazing gardens.

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There is a place, just outside the city of Torino, that has an unedifying charm. It isn’t a common villa, it’s a proper mansion: it is called La Venaria Reale.
Wanted by Carlo Emanuele II duke of Savoia and designed by the architect Amadeo di Castellamonte, it is known as the biggest royal residence: its beauty will leave you speechless.
Imagine a wedding celebrated in such wonderful location, within the majestic Baroque rooms which resemble the French palace of Versailles!
Over the years it was home of many princes, nobles and kings, until the nineteenth century, when it was closed after Napoleone’s arrival.
In the last few years, the Court was renewed and became open to the public once again, this time as location for exhibitions and for a multitude of cultural events, regarding sculpture and painting, good cuisine, cinema and contemporary art.
Lately, the Reggia of Veneria welcomes all the couples that have chosen it as wedding location, offering the thrill to live their big day as real royals.

The Hall of Diana, the Great Gallery and the Rondò Alfierano

At the Reggia of Veneria you will be able to have a religious ceremony as well as a civil wedding. Within the most evocative rooms there is the Hall of Diana, dedicated to the Goddess of the Hunt, who symbolizes love and war, which is also the message of the political manifesto of the new Court. The Hall, which once upon a time had been the setting of royal feasts, balls and celebrations, will be decorated according to the bride’s own taste, highlighting the wonderful frescoed ceiling and the lighting coming from the garden through the massive windows, where the landscape blurs with the mountains. There is no doubt that it is bound to be a high class reception, full of art and history.
For those brides who want to feel like ladies of the court and prefer the Baroque style, the reception can be held in one of the two Great Galleries of the mansion, both breathtaking setting for your wedding day. The main Gallery will amaze you with its marble decorations, the smaller one hosts instead the sculpture of the “Quattro Stagioni” in the “Rondò Alfierano”.
For the ones who don’t want to give up the traditional, religious wedding ceremony, it can be celebrated in the Chapel of Sant’Uberto, designed by Filippo Juvarra, in which art and history give life to the perfect romantic setting.

One of the hall at Venaria Reale, reggia of Venaria

Reception in the Gardens
For those who dream a summer wedding, but don’t want to endure the heat of the sun, there is the possibility to held the wedding reception in one of the many gardens of the Reggia of Venaria. One of the most beautiful garden is the Gran Parterre, with narrow streets outlined by rows of hedge, thickets and bushes, which, with its vintage style, it’s the perfect background for the wedding photoshooting.
Another option, perfect for the couples who love water and want to amaze their guests with an unique alternative to the common firework show, is the Court of Honor garden. In the middle stands the Fountain of the Stag, which comes alive with the Water Theatre, a show of lights and water projections combined with traditional music. A very original idea, a perfect way to light up the cutting of  the cake or the wedding toast.

Gran Parterre Garden, reggia of Venaria