Rucksack (and legs) ready, let’s go to Barcis!

Lake Barcis, the destination of your dreams

Today’s destination of our lovely little trip is the Valcellina, an Alpine area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, especially the beautiful valley of the Lake Barcis

romantic lake Barcis view

When we reach the Valcellina, 402 meters above sea level, we have easy access to a free parking lot near the lake. Finally, here it is, shining in front of our eyes: nestled among the Friuli mountains, the view of the Lake Barcis leaves us breathless.


Romantic Lake Barcis waters

In order to admire it in all its beauty, we decide to walk the 6 km of its perimeter, so we can visit it all: we arrived early so we have a couple of hours before our belly begin to moan, and for that time we will return straight to the starting point.

Hand in hand, we follow the signs for the Alpine Trail, walkable both on foot or by bike. The sun gently caresses our faces while the fresh, sparkling air fills our lungs … what a peaceful moments!

Romantic Lake Barcis couple

Some runners overtake us, some bikes go by, but all we want is to enjoy this wonderful lake landscape. 

Inebriate by the scent of the nature around us, our legs begin to ache: we take a short pause in one of the many picnic areas along the path to cheer eyes and mind, and after filling the bottles of crystal clear water at a standpipe, we go on.




Lunch time has come, and the tour is over. We chose to dine in a small romantic hut that is not far from the lake; home cooking lovers must try something typical like pitina and frico. And then it’s known, the one who is happily in love is also a good fork!

romantic Lake Barcis wine

A few hours afterwards, refreshed and rested, we are ready to go home. A last look at the panorama walking down the path that brings us to the starting point, a last kiss in the sunset and a memory that will remain for a long time in our hearts.