The romantic region of Tuscany will be presenting at ITB Berlin

The romantic region of Tuscany will be presenting at ITB Berlin

ITB BerlinThe romantic region of Tuscany invites german couples to live and love in its ancient villages and cities of art and sea.

At ITB in Berlin, Tuscany will be presenting an innovative platform dedicated to wedding and romantic tourism: Love Me in Tuscany. It will be important trial for the regional tourism program. Germany is the first target market, considering that 800,000 german tourists visited in 2016!

On March 9, Tuscany will be in Berlin for a gala dinner at the German capital and a private meeting with the industry.

For the occasion, the guidebook, Love Me in Tuscany, has been revisited and translated into german. Itineraries, rich with ideas and suggestions, should be recounted, in a first-person perspective, by the couples for whom Tuscany came alive as a land of love and heart: this idea gave birth to, Love Me in Tuscany, a guidebook exclusively for the romantic side of the enchanting region, which is a part of the Love Me in Italy series.

The program aimed for Germany

was shared with and prepared by Tuscan businesses and is dedicated to wedding tourism and the less-stressful weekend trip (which is increasingly popular with german couples.) The romantic Tuscany offers tourists an unforgettable stay capable of satisfying every interest or curiosity, thanks in part to an extraordinary culture and many its opportunities, but also due to the hard work and dedication of the industry.

So, to maintain the romantic appeal of Tuscany, it is necessary to constantly update and enrich the program with new offers and ideas that create just the right mood for falling in love in the region.

From ancient villages to splendid cities of art, from the colors of the countryside to the vineyards of dreams, from landscapes that have inspired artist and poet to the exceptional products typical of this land, the region of Tuscany is the foremost wedding destination in Italy.

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