Romantic ‘Small Homeland’: wedding in Friuli

Romantic ‘Small Homeland’: wedding in Friuli

Nievo called it ‘a small compendium of the universe’, Hemingway was inspired by it for one of his novels, Casanova made it the place of their forbidden love. So, we went to the discovery wedding in Friuli, the romantic side of this land rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.

Love each other in Friuli

Surrounded by the Carnic and Julian Alps, crowned by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, this area has a diverse tourist offer. It’s an historical region, the scene of major historical events for its border location, but also rich in art and nature. From the mountain landscape to that lake, to the beaches of Lignano Sabbiadoro, each corner is a discovery; that’s why the Friuli is called ‘the land of contrasts’.

wedding in Friuliwedding in FriuliThe many facets of the romantic Friuli

Art cities, ancient castles and nature in all its forms make it a unique and fascinating destination wedding, balancing between modernity and ancient traditions. Among its specialties, the blue waters of the Fusine lakes lend themselves as a perfect frame wedding in any season of the year, with shades of colors that will give a fabulous wedding day. The warm colors of autumn and the sweet innocence of the snow, to the bright green of the active summer mountain…the Friulian Alps fall in love 365 days a year.


wedding in friuliWedding in Friuli

A romantic weekend snuggled in front of the crackling fireplace while the peaks of the Dolomites is white tinged, could turn into a lovely wedding in Friuli? We think its Yes! This land offers to in love with more than just beautiful scenery; Sauris, a charming village set in the Carnic mountains, boasts national culinary excellence while Vistorta, near Sacile surrounded by vineyards, offering the precious Merlot of great fame.

And also, elegant villas, farm houses, eighteenth-century churches,ancient castles such as the Formentini, famous for folk medieval dinners, the very elegant Villa Brandolini, Iachia villa, Villa Atems … and you have already chosen your wedding location in Friuli?