Summer walking to the discovery of the romantic Treviso

Summer walking to the discovery of the romantic Treviso

Welcome to our romantic Treviso

Treviso, the small Treviso, but so attractive that walking through the same streets, re-entering the same shops and restaurants, it never gets boring. The strongest asset of Treviso is not its size or its attractions, but its beauty. In any city, beauty means care, cleanliness and attention to its traditions, to its citizens, to its cultural and artistic heritage. Treviso follows tenaciously this rules, like an enthusiastic student, never unprepared.

romantic treviso view

When you walk through the walls that circumscibes the heart of the city, it’s impossible to not be amazed, especially when you pass under one of the two majestic gates, the northen Porta Calvi and the western Porta Santi Quaranta; once inside the city, the main street which runs through it, dissapears leaving space for beautiful historical palaces and cobbled roads. Walking through the city center without a defined destination is always a good idea: the city is small, so it’s impossible to get lost, and surely you’ll be able to discover new corners and jewels, never seen before.

Love is in the details

romantic treviso river

Treviso is knows for its details, for its unexspected views and landscapes. It’s the case of the Pescheria Island, a special place only created to held the weekly fish market. previously, it was held in the city center, within the Piazza dei Signori, but the smell of the fish was so strong that it wasn’t possible to bear it anymore. The small island is surrounded by the waters of the Cagnan Grando rivers, one of the branches of the Botteniga river: willow trees follow the stream of the water.

romantic treviso night

Old buildings encloses Treviso little natural oasis, and that’s is enough to create a magical atmosphere. Not too far away from the Peschiera, there is the Sottoportico dei Buranelli, an unmissable walking that follows the stream of the Botteniga. Relaxing, charming, romantic. The road continues within the Quartiere Latino, the place of the old San Leonardo civil hospital. Between Santa Maria Square and the Sile river is located the university campus of Treviso. Its neoclassic buildings gives a royal aspect to all the area, soften only by the small pubs scattered around, full of lives.

Walking through the city

The river that dissapears slowly far away from the city is a beautiful view all year long. To experience the city atmosphere you can shop along the XX Settembre street, or admire the Piazza dei Signori, surrounded by the Palazzo della Prefettura with its Torre Civica, and then continue towards Calmaggiore till the Duomo. From here, you can reach the residential neighborhood of Santi Quaranta, located in the the western part of the city.