Romantic Sardinia: the best love destinations

Romantic Sardinia: the best love destinations

All the reasons to make a romantic trip to Sardinia

A passionate gateway, a fairy-tale wedding, a sweet weekend somewhere far away, a well-deserved relaxing vacation… doesn’t matter what you want, Sardinia is the only answer to your needs. Land of golden beaches and historical villas overlooking the sea, good food and breathtaking art items, Sardinia has a romantic soul within a beautiful body.

Let’s have a look at the many possibilities for your romantic trip!

Wedding locations: sophisticated romanticism

Whichever the essence of your wedding is going to be, Sardinia will surely give you the best of its wedding selection. The secret to its all-round success? The mysterious fascination of its facilities, their almost ethereal beauty, the kind that stays for you forever.

romantic trip to Sardinia villaRomantic trip to Sardinia hitel

Las Tronas Villa is the perfect example of Sardinia compelling charm: a villa at the edge of the Alghero coast, an amazing five-star Hotel & Resort in love with the sea. If instead you’re looking for a more country vibe, Casa Runda is an old farm house, a mix of the ancient charm of an old mason surrounded by olive trees and the sophistication of new details and decorations. Villa Armony is the highest example of elegance and modernity: new design, soft illumination, the enchantment of the panoramic terrace … it’ll be love at first sight!

romantic trip to Sardinia hotelromanitc trip to Sardinia wedding

In the end, we can’t not talk about the Smeralda Coast, one of the most beautiful and famous trait of italian coast. Here we find the Abi d’Oru five-star Luxury Hotel, just outside Porto Rotondo. Among the services the Hotel offers to the future wedding couple, there is the possibility to get married by the beach, overlooking the gulf of Marinella.

Landscape and Art: the romantic charm of Sardinia.

romantic trip to Sardinia village

Footprints of love can be found all around Sardinia; they paint with thousand colours the landscape, they give light and warmth to the shiny seashore, to the charming beaches, to the cities of art and culture.

Cagliari, Sassari and Olbia collect the artistic and cultural heritage of the region – natural beauties, polished architecture and historical past – while small villages as Bosa, with its coloured houses and the calm river in the middle, recall an ancient past of traditions and old tales.

romantic trip to Sardinia beach

Romantic trip to Sardinia beach

Kissed on all its four sides by the sea, Sardinia has the best beaches of all Italy. From the super famous La Pelosa beach in Sistino to the archipelago of La Maddalena, from the Smeralda Coast to the symbolic beaches of San Teodoro and Porto Torres: fine sand, white, golden, rocky seashore, small capes, blue sea, angry waves… every piece of Sardinia hides natural masterpieces to discover.

Flavours of Sardinia: love for good food

romantic trip to Sardinia food

When we talk about Sardinia food we ‘re talking about a style of cooking of old traditions, still attached to its farming roots in the simplicity of its ingredients, rich of nutrients and taste. Barley, grain, vegetables, fish, cheese, every product keeps the freshness and flavour of the soil it has grown in, it is the result of the talent and perseverance of many farmers who have been keeping high the quality of Sardinia food for endless generations. One of the most typical food is the Carasau, the shepherds’ bread, true symbol of Sardinia all around Italy. Another example is the Seada, an odd but teasty dessert with a heart of cheese hidden inside a frame of sweet pastry, As many dessert in Sardinia, it’s the contrast between salty and sweet flavours that highlights the essence of each ingredient in the best way.  

Wellness & Spa: relax for two

Romantic trip to Sardinia spa

Sometimes the chaotic routine of our lives is just too much to bear, and all we need is a moment of relax and quiet for ourselves. But don’t worry, Sardinia offers you a wide selection of spas to choose according to your taste. Starting from the Ma&Ma Grand Hotel Resort, a true “wellness sanctuary” with waters full of healing minerals, steam rooms, waterfall showers and personalized massages. The Sardegna Termale Hotel & Spa instead has inner and exterior swimming pools with relaxing hot water, and the Antiche Terme di Sardara Spa offers you numerous hot tubs with particular healing waters that can reach  60 degrees.