Romantic Tuscia … Romantic elopement to Viterbo and surroundings

Romantic Tuscia … Romantic elopement to Viterbo and surroundings

Medieval Villages between two lakes

The Tuscia Viterbese is a part of territory of the Lazio region, marked by the Bolsena Lake and the Bracciano Lake. In the middle of these two, there is Viterbo, nicknamed “the city of the Popes”; all around it many medieval villages were born and built during the centuries. One of the perk of visiting this area is indeed the closeness of the villages, which allows the tourists to create the perfect journey through a sequence of castles, hills, rocks, vineyards, woods and farmhouses. Between all the little villages there are few that are the ideal destination for a romantic elopement in the lush region of Lazio. In Acquapendente, within the Santo Sepolcro Cathedral, is kept a precious stone with a blood stain that it’s said to be from the Sepulchre of Jerusalem, and the crypt under the presbytery is one of the oldest of all Lazio. In Gradoli instead is located the majestic XVI century building “Rocca Farnese”, who protects the all village surrounded by woods and trenches. Capodimonte is one of the smallest village overlooking the Bolsana Lake, but has some amazing views. Montefiascone, old destination of many runaway clericals, is protected by a fortress with high walls, which preserves the charm of old times along with the magic of unspoiled nature.

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In Bolsena, the brownish rocks that surround the village contrast with the clear blue waters if the lake, creating a suggestive view. In Tuscania, the “Torre di Lavello” presents itself as the perfect belvedere to enjoy the landscape of the near countryside. The 38 towers and old houses of Tarquinia give to the village that touch of medieval spirit that makes it so characteristic. In Bracciano all the buildings are built with molten rocks and the castle , which rises high in the sky with its imposing rounded fortified towers, almost fully covered by vines, offers the perfect romantic view. Anguillara Sabazia,  extended towards the Bracciano Lake, in the hart of the Monti Sabatini, is a seaside village. Calcata, the “dying city”, is located at the top of a rocky spur which falls into the void, almost swallowed by a impenetrable vegetations, but today is a very lively village crowed by many artists and craftsmen who, charmed by this magic place, have made it their home. Vallerano is all walls and towers, and near it there is the San Salvatore cavern, a medieval chapel which preserves an ancient altar carved in the stone and the remains of old frescoes.

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Viterbo, the “city of Popes”

Soste imprescindibili di una camminata romantica sono il Palazzo dei Papi, ingentilito da una loggia di archi e colonnine binate, il Duomo di San Lorenzo, la piazza del Plebiscito e la chiesa di Santa Maria Nuova, la più antica della città. E poi ancora Piazza della Rocca, Piazza Fontana Grande e Piazza delle Erbe. La cinta muraria che circonda la città contribuisce ad accrescere l’atmosfera di borgo antico, con il folklore delle sue tradizioni, il misticismo delle sue chiese, la bellezza del suo paesaggio. E la gastronomia viterbese fa il resto. Dopo aver girovagato per le viuzze secolari, tra begli edifici e fontane in piperino, gli innamorati potranno finalmente concedersi una cena romantica al lume di candela per coronare la loro fuga romantica.

From every point of view, Viterbo personifies the romantic city. It’s not difficult to picture yourself walking through narrow medieval streets, hand in hand with your loved one. The city recalls the ancient charm of history and culture: from the old churches scattered along the city center to the healing waters of the Thermal center, there are a tons of reasons to visit this beautiful city. Viterbo pleases all the couples because it’s able to offer a very wide selections of events to them dedicated. For example, on the 3rd of September, the night is illuminated by a 30 meters high tower, all adorned by rows of warm lights, which parades through the all city. We’re talking about the amazing “Macchina di Santa Rosa”, which honors the transport of Saint Rose’s body from the Santa Maria in Poggio Church to the shrine bearing her name. The all parade is so fascinating that the UNESCO has listed it under the Immaterial World Wide Heritages. Other essential stops of a romantic walking through Viterbo are the “Palazzo dei Papi” palace, the “San Lorenzo” Cathedral, the “Plebiscito” Square and the “Santa Maria Nuova” Church, the oldest one in the city. And again the “Rocca Square”, the “Piazza della Fontana Grande” Square and “Piazza delle Erbe” Square. The city walls enhance the overall ancient atmosphere of the city, made by the folklore of its traditions, by the mysticism of its churches, by the beauty of its territory. After a long walk trough secular streets, beautiful buildings and fountains, the happy couples can finally enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, the best ending to a romantic elopement.


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