Romantic walk: Marmore falls

Romantic walk: Marmore falls

From Terni along the Valnerina for a few kilometers you arrive at Cascade Falls, a must for those looking for a romantic walk in contact with nature and want to discover the beauties of Umbria.

passeggiata romantica marmore

Marmore Falls is an artificial hydraulic accommodation built in Roman times. The idea of the waterfall was born to drain the swampy areas of Terni and create a channel that carry the waters of the river Velino towards the Marmore cliff, to make them plunging toward the river Nera.

Thus it was born this beautiful waterfall, formed by three jumps of water from 165 meters that has inspired poets and artists of all age: by Virgil in the “Eneide” to G. Byron in “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”.

Romantic walk in the Marmore Park

passeggiata romantica marmore

The park, opened depending on times of the opening of water flows, has several trails for relaxing walks, each of which will take you to immerse yourself in the wilderness of the forest, between the smell of moss and the sound of the water flowing.

At the top of the path # 1 you can see the waterfall in all its grandeur, while to enjoy the games created by splashing water that falls, just cross the path # 2 . Along the trail # 5, at the upper viewpoint, often they feature theatrical or musical performances.

Romantic evening walk

passeggiata romantica marmore

In summer you can also visit the park in the evening, to share with your partner one a special romantic walk under the stars.

The park offers guided tours at night, booked on the site

Romantic walk and photography

From the top of the falls, everytime, the panorama is spectacular: the beautiful villages of the Nera Valley in the north of the Lower Belvedere are wonderful postcards to photograph. Periodically, the park aims to shooting evenings under the stars for beginners and experienced photographers.

For all events of the park of the Marmore’s falls, for video of the falls and photos of those who have visited the Park of the Cascade Falls, please visit the official facebook page.