Wedding stories: Interviewing Francesco Russotto, Rome wedding photographer

Wedding stories: Interviewing Francesco Russotto, Rome wedding photographer

Creativity and passion. A professional camera and a sublte eye, but careful to grasp every little details. These are the main features of Francesco Russotto‘s work, Rome wedding photographer, owner of a photo study in Rome, who reveals to us the secrets on how to make the perfect wedding photoshooting.

How to make a wedding photoshooting? How to make sure the bride and groom will receive an unforgattable memory of their big day through a photo album? And how to make sure a photo can make them feel the same emotions over and over again? We asked Francesco Russotto, wedding photographer based in Rome, who made his passion a real job and for many years has been telling the story of people weddings through his pictures. A true artist, creative and with a modern style, Francesco loves to call himself a “storyteller”, the one who, from behind the camera, knows how to capture a very important and significant day like the wedding day in an authentic, true way.

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Francesco, how was your passion for photography born? Did you have another job before becoming a professional photographer?

It’s a passion of mine I’ve been working on since I was a child. At the age of eleven I used to print photos in my own bedroom… with bad results, I must say! Then, from the camera film I updated to the digital world… and it was a all new universive. From that moment photography has become my only steady job, for three years now. Before, I was working as special effects supervisor for movies and videoclip.

How is a wedding told through pictures? How do you manage the business relationship with the bride and groom?

I simply tell what I see. I don’t stick to a plot or to a plan while I do my job. Of course you have to follow some kind of outline, but never to seriously.

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How does the wedding day unfold from the photographer point of view? Is there a moment, during the reception, when you make everyone pose for pictures or in which you set up a small photographic boot for group pictures?

I’m not a “pose” kind of photographer, so no, my instinct is to always try to avoid those kind of moments. There is a moment in which the need to make everyone pose is stronger, as when the wedding couple walk towards their chosen location, but even then I try to make everything funny and emotional as well. The group photos instead are usually taken inside the location of the reception, using whichever beautiful landscape I can find.

Which are the differences between working as a photographer for advertaising campaigns, bussines shooting, video music, rather than as a wedding photographer?

My main goal as a wedding photographer is telling the story of a very special day. The wedding day gathers all the features of every other photographic fields, seeing that in one day I may need to make a reportage kind of work, or a portrait kind of work.

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How important the work of post production is? How much does it weigh on the final result?

Today post production is everything, but using to much special effects will make every work look the same, erasing every traces of of personality and creativity, which is not what I want. So, more time goes by and the less I use it.

The growing role of social media and social media marketing has had any tangible effects on the visual arts?

A good picture is always a good picture, even from a smartphone. However, I must say that social media, and the fever of knowing everthing right away they have caused, has been taking away some of that trepidation my clients used to have while waiting for my work to be finished.