Royal wedding: draw inspiration for your special day

Royal wedding: draw inspiration for your special day

In these days, gossip magazines all around the world are writing about it: the royal wedding of Prince Harry is coming!
Have you already set the reminder on your mobile phone not to miss the event of the year? If you haven’t already done it, set an appointment on Saturday, May 19th,1 pm (Italian time).

The ceremony, which is going to be broadcasted live by the BBC, will not only make millions of girls daydream, but also it could be a source of inspiration to all those future brides who are looking to give a royal touch to their marriage.
Let’s have a look then at the style of this royal wedding: from the colors of the bouquet to the dress, discover the choices made by the royal family and draw inspiration from these ideas for your special day.

Dreaming about the dress and the bouquet

The wedding dress: this really makes us dreaming. Lace, taffeta and extra volume or satin, simplicity and adherence? The answer will be given only by the shooting of that day. Meanwhile, it seems that the future Duchess of Sussex will wear two different wedding dresses during the wedding day: a classic and traditional one during the ceremony and a more sensual one in the evening. Have you ever thought about changing the dress during your wedding? Or do you prefer to wear only one dress?

The bouquet: white roses and pink peonies seem to be the flowers that Meghan have chosen for her bouquet. They will also fill the chapel and the castle. Well, the royals will go close to the Pantone color of the year. Above all, peonies are the typical flowers in May. Have you ever thought about what kind of flowers bloom in “your” month? Holding fresh flowers in your hands will give unforgettable fragrances to your ceremony.

royal wedding bouquet

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No lack of originality in the royal menu

The menu remains one of the most painful keys even for the royals. Of course, courses are still secret but there will be certainly some American dishes to satisfy overseas guests. What about you? When struggling with the choice of your menu, you will have to pay attention to the food needs of your guests: are there going to be any vegetarians/vegans among the guests? In case you’re not getting married in your hometown, would you like to include some typical dishes belonging to your region, country or culture?

royal wedding cake

Finally, the wedding cake (aka the real queen): the Royal Wedding Cake, chosen personally by the bride Meghan, will leave aside the traditions and prefer some original and innovative flavors such as elderflower and lime. As well as the bouquet, the dessert will incorporate seasonal flavors and spring fragrances too. What do you think about forgetting the tradition in your wedding? Maybe you can steal this idea to create (according to the patissier, of course!) an original and unique wedding cake. Everybody is going to remember its taste, don’t you think so?

The perfect honeymoon

Since 1923, according to the English tradition, the wedding ring has to be realized in Welsh gold: obviously all the royal jewelers are working hard to create a unique ring for the future bride. Its color will be the same as the engagement ring. It is not yet known if there will be some incisions inside, if the external surface will be smooth or if some diamonds will shine on it, but very little time is missing to find this out!

royal wedding ring

Anyway, there’s one detail that hasn’t escaped us: a stone from Botswana (country in South Africa) shines on the engagement ring of Meghan; moreover, Botswana is also the destination for one of the first trips made by the two young lovers. It seems that the couple have deepened their knowledge between tents in nature and under star-spangled skies. Could it be a coincidence that the couple has chosen the African continent as a destination for their honeymoon? They will indeed fly to Namibia to spend their honeymoon in an eco-friendly and super luxurious resort.

royal wedding namibia

The choice of a destination that remembers the moments of your engagement is perfect to celebrate your love.
And what about your honeymoon? Does it represent your love or do you prefer to choose a destination that you have always dreamed of? After all, the honeymoon is an unique chance to make a journey out of the ordinary, so why not take it?

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