Royal wedding is coming

Royal wedding is coming

On May 19th, Prince Harry of England is going to marry the actress Meghan Markle in the fabulous location of the Chapel of St. George of Windsor Castle.
2,640 guests will have the honor to participate in the royal wedding: the ceremony will be more intimate and private than the one of his brother William but the BBC will broadcast it live anyway. Rumors are saying that the queen is going to pay the pompous reception, which will take place in the castle near to the chapel.
Since it is well known that everything that celebs do becomes immediately a trend, we cannot help but spy on the real behind the scenes to spoil you some detail.

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Let’s start with the ceremony that will be strictly religious. This is the first real twist: in fact, the future Duchess of Sussex is divorced (she has been married for three years with the producer Trevor Engelson). Even if the Anglican religion accepts this condition, initially the royal family did not agree at all with this. Only after the religious conversion of Meghan things have cooled down.

Let us have a look to the guests now. No doubt, this will be a huge wedding but who would expect the Spice Girls sitting in the church? The pop stars of the 90s are only some of many VIP guests in this event, including Ed Sheeran and Elton John. Anyway, participants will not all be famous: 1,200 of them are ordinary people who have served the English community.
Here the second twist: among the guests there will be two ex-girlfriends of Harry!

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Best man… yes or no?

Does anyone know that royal marriages do not want the presence of a witness? Despite of this, in 2011 Prince William broke this rule while marrying Kate Middleton: the groom wanted his brother Harry to be near him. Apparently, transgressing traditions is a family vice: Harry seems to have already chosen his brother as his best man.
As regard the maid of honor, the bride has not already revealed who she is. Gossip magazines say that she could probably be Serena Williams, the actress’s historic friend. The royal grandchildren Charlotte and George, will give a note of tenderness, which will echo in the chapel during the ceremony: he will bring the wedding rings while she will spread petals of flowers before the bride’s entrance. I wonder if they’ve read our guide on flower girls and ring bearers!

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Traditions and transgressions

To conclude, according to the royal tradition, the bride’s family should pay for the whole wedding. Here, it seems that the Queen and Prince Charles will sponsor the event of the year.
However, besides the many “transgressive plot twists”, other gestures will ensure that the tradition is respected.
The first is the historic carriage ride that the married couple will complete immediately after the ceremony: 15 minutes following the rhythm of the royal trot along the streets near Windsor Castle.
A second gesture is the family photo: it will be taken at the exit of the cathedral with all the real components. Another one is the soft colors of the flowers that the bride has chosen: white roses and pink peonies.

Save the date and… Stay tuned!

Among traditions and transgressions, the wedding of the year will certainly reserve us some other nice surprises, whom we can discover only that day! Then, all what we can do is to tune in on 19th May at 1 pm (Italian time) and live the emotion and romance that will undoubtedly remain echo in history.

Stay tuned!

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