Ruzzini Palace: a night in Venice first hotel devoted to healthy sleeping

Ruzzini Palace: a night in Venice first hotel devoted to healthy sleeping

If I close my eyes I can see the film of my life flowing. I am a child, an only child cuddled and loved by my father. The 6-year-old me sleeps in a huge pink princess bed. My parents let me enjoy my childhood and adolescence years almost without realizing what was happening around me: my father was building an empire and one day, not far away, tasks and responsibilities would fall on my shoulders.

I feel it all now that I am almost 50 years old. I’m a happy mother and a successful businesswoman. I run the company I inherited from my father and made it a multinational company boasting branches all over the world.

If I close my eyes… Yes, but when will I be able to close them for a while?
People’s life is in a rush, but mine literally flies away bouncing from one part of the world to another. The urgency, the availability, and the commitment to the events of the last ten years mined my stability and decisions.

Today, I’m in Venice for a meeting with other entrepreneurs. I booked a different hotel from those I usually stay in when I’m here. It is an ancient house of a doge, luxurious yet discrete and at all displayed. Just the way I like it. It’s that splendor you have to know where to look for in the details. You can find it, for example, while raising your head and realizing you are sleeping under an eighteenth-century fresco.

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Sleep hotel

However, I didn’t choose the Ruzzini Palace Hotel just for I’m passionate about beautiful things and history. I need to rest and finally have a good night’s sleep. I must regenerate myself both physically and mentally, in order to maintain a high energy level for clear and fast problem-solving.

The only hotel that guarantees healthy sleep in Venice is actually the Ruzzini Palace. I know they have mattresses and pillows designed to allow the full body relaxation, always maintaining the correct posture during the night.

I decided I had to take advantage of this chance by booking the Best sleep in Venice package with the sleep expert, the so-called “sleep trainer” – who I didn’t even know existed. Once I’ve met him, he promises to take care of me, introducing me to the Ruzzini Palace sleep ritual. In just a few minutes, he points out the fundamental aspects of healthy sleeping, during which the body and the mind can recover the energy consumed in the daytime. «If we could go back in the time when electricity didn’t exist and the sleep/wake rhythms were dictated by the sunset and the dawn, we could better understand the biological clock that regulates each human being».

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He explains to me some simple secrets and precious lessons I will treasure. In the end, he leaves me with a maxim from Buddha: “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”.


Neither yesterday nor tomorrow

In this suite, offering one of the most beautiful campi in Venice, Campo Santa Maria Formosa, I am finally ready to pull the plug and let myself go: far from the city noise, the silence envelops me now and I can hear my own breathe again.

After the in-room massage and the relaxing herbal tea, I realize that my brain has stopped working. Finally, I close my eyes and my positive thoughts come back. There is neither yesterday nor tomorrow: now it’s just relaxation time!


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