Ruzzini Palace Hotel: your exclusive stay in the heart of Venice

Ruzzini Palace Hotel: your exclusive stay in the heart of Venice

One of the oldest historical residences of the Serenissima lies in the heart of Venice, embraced by sinuous canals and evocative streets. It’s an imposing palace, built between the end of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII century. It has been the home of many noble Venetian families who have succeeded here for years.
As soon as you come across Campo Santa Maria Formosa, the grandeur of the external façade will capture your gaze: it is white, clean and Baroque. This style merges with the renaissance forms of the other facades and such a complementary contrast creates a rare harmony.
All this historical and artistic value has been protected and preserved over the years. In fact, it remains visible in all the rooms that give life to the Ruzzini Palace Hotel.


Ruzzini Palace Hotel: ancient and modern styles blend in luxury

Once you enter the Ruzzini Palace Hotel, it will transports you to another era, where the historical significance of the building is more alive than ever. You can admire sparkling crystal chandeliers, exposed beams, Venetian floors and embroidered drapes.

ruzzini palace hotel venice hall

Among the portraits that stand out above the reception desk, we find that of the “landlord” Carlo Ruzzini, 113th Doge of Venice. Modern and luxury details abound and blend perfectly into the environment, giving you a feeling of comfort and immediate elegance.


Elopement in Venice

ruzzini palace hotel venice royal suite frescoThe Ruzzini Palace Hotel is not only a destination for businessmen or tourists: this palace often transforms into the love nest of many lovers who want to spend some unforgettable romantic moments. Of course, everybody knows that Venice is the most romantic city in the world! And so the Ruzzini Palace is the perfect background for framing anniversaries, honeymoons and love holidays.

Hand in hand walks through the streets, a romantic boat ride to discover the most evocative views of Venice and a candlelit dinner in one of the city’s most famous restaurants. Here is a little taste of the moments that make a lovers’ stay at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel unforgettable and exclusive. These are just some of the activities that the package “Hearts in Venice” includesThis is reserved for all those lovers who choose this beautiful place to celebrate their love.


Aristocratic exclusivity

What can make your stay at the Ruzzini Palace even more exclusive? Choose to surprise your sweetie with a unique and reserved arrival. In fact, the structure maintains the original entrance called “the water gate” which leads you inside directly from “Rio del Paradiso“.
ruzzini palace hotel venice water gate

But that’s not all. By booking the royal suite of the Ruzzini Palace Hotel, you will be immersed in art. Raising your head, you will discover the mythological frescoes of Gregorio Lazzarini, master of Giambattista Tiepolo.

And if it’s not enough, the noble salon awaits you on the second floor! It extends majestically, adorned with XVII century decorations, luxurious crystal chandeliers and royal armchairs. At the center, stands a piano which evokes the classical music concerts, gala evenings and receptions organized in this location.


Moonlight walk

After relaxing in the palace, take a moonlight walk on the banks of the Grand Canal without the fear of lingering: the Ruzzini Palace Hotel is literally “two bridges and a calle” from the cult places of Venice.
In fact, only a five minute walk separates you from the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square.

Another added value, which will allow you to experience Venice as if you had always lived there.


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ruzzini palace hotel venice campo santa maria formosa

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