‘Sabbia e Sale’ Beach Resort for your Wedding day

‘Sabbia e Sale’ Beach Resort for your Wedding day

Getting married by the beach in… Chioggia Italy

Every engaged couple has a precise vision of how their wedding should be like: sophisticated and elegant, small and personal, under a summer sky or with autumn colours. Every wedding has a inner spirit, a beating soul that speaks of love and promises, of you.

Chioggia Italy sea

The brightness of the sunshine, the reflections on the water, the sea breeze within the folds of your clothes, fine sand under your toes, the crushing of the waves on the background, the scent of the salt air on your hair: this is the soul of a wedding by the beach, the new trend of the wedding tourism, which has finally arrived in Italy too.

The number of the seaside resorts that are giving the possibility to get married by the seashore is steadily increasing: Sabbia e Sale feeling Beach Resort shows you why.

Sea, sand and salt: the beach of your wedding day.

‘Sabbia & Sale’ is a beach resort located in Isolaverde, Chioggia, along the coast of Venice. The word relax belongs here: beds facing the sea, big beach umbrellas and exclusive services create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy the sea in all its beauty. And because the staff of the beach resort make elegance and beauty the focal point of their service, Sabbia & Sale has become not only your holiday location, but also your wedding destination.

chioggia Italy sabbia e sale

The altar under a white gazebo, the guests chairs all around, the sea behind and the sunset: these the special ingredients of an intimate romanticism, of a breathless happiness.

The following cocktail party or reception can be held under the huge patio overlooking the sea, that can host up to 150 guests during a night full of music and celebrations. It wound’t be a proper wedding banquet without the best of the italian cooking. Highly recommended the seaside dishes, with their delicate and fresh taste, to combine with some great wine from the hils of Veneto.

In the end, a little surprise for the bride and the groom: if the planning of the wedding become too much to bear, you can ask the help of the personal wedding planner and stylist of the beach resort.

However, the elegant setting and the sophisticated mise en place will be just the outline of your wedding by the beach: the ocean is the real protagonist. We wish that your love will always be like the sea under a summer sky, an endless sequence of waves of love.