Salice Club Resort: beach wedding

Salice Club Resort: beach wedding

Romantic and modern for a beach wedding, at Salice Club Resort everything is perfect for a fabulous wedding.


Buried in the pure nature, in a unique historic and naturalistic scenery, appears Salice Club Resort, an ideal location for a relaxing holiday for lovers or for a beach wedding. In summer, infact, the big swimming pool at the centre of the resort can be the perfect place for your wedding banquet, or on the beach near the shore, for a more romantic and intimate banquet, caressed by the sweetness of the wind.


With his different room setting, from the Hollywood type inspired by the jet set, to the baroque – modern type, with important frescoes and jacuzzi, to the suites, Salice Club Resort offers to the couples and their guests a magnificent stay. Charme and elegance are principal features of the 48 rooms of the Resort which offer to the guests every comfort for a class welcome and an unforgettable holiday.


The Resort has many elegant spaces for your nicest day, as a big room, perfect for the banquets, elegant and functional, which can be easily transformed into different types of settings, from the most sumptuous to the most simple and modern. From May to September your romantic wedding can be organized around the elegant swimming pool or on the beach, clean and spacious.


High level cuisine offers personalized buffet and personal menu which can satisfy the most particular requests and change your wedding in a unique event, while the resort restaurant, recently renovated, will cuddle you with new tastes and romantic atmosphere for a relaxing holiday.

Salice Club Resort, in the shadow of secular marittime pines and beside the ancient Sibari, is a perfect place for a fabulous wedding, for a romantic holiday for two or for celebrate a love promise.