Salt and Sand: fabulous banquet on the beach.

Salt and Sand: fabulous banquet on the beach.

banchetto in spiaggiaFor your banquet on the beach choose Sand & Salt and make your wedding a dream.

In Isolaverde, a small and unspoiled small town in Chioggia district, between the mouth of Adige and Brenta rivers, you can find the Sabbia & Sale Feeling Beach, a perfect location to sign the promise of a life together. Fascinating locality between land and sea, where different landscapes meet in a sequence of emotions inspired by nature, Sabbia & Sale Feeling Beach offers the chance to spend your holiday in total relax, or to experience a romantic wedding by the sea.

sabbia-e-sale-matrimonio-spiaggiaSand & Salt: exclusive banqueting on the beach.

Sand & Salt Feeling beach is the place you desire for your fabulous wedding, an exclusive frame for your magic wedding day. Thaks to the staff attention to all the details of the cerimony preparation, your beach banquet will be perfectly suited to your every need. Let yourself be wrapped up in the sound of the waves and the perfume of the sea during your perfect day, the Sand & Salt staff will make all your dreams come true, thanks to the consultation of capable wedding planners and a stylists.

sabbia-sale-banchetto-spiaggiaSand & Salt: excellent beach banquet

For your beach banquet Sand & Salt offers traditional culinary deliciousness, always made with high quality ingredients, excellence in the dishes presentation and in the table preparation, all necessary for the success of your wedding day. The staff is also able to organize the celebration itself so you can live this unique moment carefree, able to concentrate only on yourself and your love.

Sand & Salt: a romantic moment.

The Sand and Salt Feeling beach is the perfect landscape for your wedding day, as well as an ideal destination for a romantic weekend or a wellness holiday among sea, sun and naturalistic walks, or an amazing place for a romantic face to face dinner on the beach. Isolaverde offers beautiful naturalistic landcapes, perfect for a walk or a ride, especially in the near Bosco Nordio, which inspire peace and relax to the body and wonder to our eyes.