San Clemente: a peaceful oasis​

San Clemente: a peaceful oasis​

The ferryboat, followed by a warm summer-ending sun, go through the pink waves of the world’s most attractive lagoon and my gaze goes after the long white wake behind it, unto San Clemente Island; my eyes glimmer while recalling the magic moments I lived during these memorable days in Venice.

Two lovers drink aperitif in San-Clemente-Palace-Kempinski

The stars of the Venice Film Festival

I wouldn’t ever have missed the Venice Film Festival for such an exceptional event allows me to be at the top of the world of cinema. This year I had the privilege to wear a dress designed especially for me by one of my favorite stylists, and I took part in the celebrations with fierce elegance and enthusiasm.


What is the secret behind my smile? I’ve been able to experience all this with the calmness of those who are spending a holiday with the family in the luxurious suites of San Clemente Palace Kempinski. The renowned discretion this refined hotel guarantee, offered me, my husband – Adam, and our sweet twins a romantic Venetian fairytale. We’ve lived in peace, far from the rage, the curious looks and the flashes of photographers. The priceless view of the lagoon’s islands surrounded by white clouds, the seagulls’ singing, and their timeless melody, accompanied our dives in the pool and our massages at the SPA; the girls enjoyed so much the Kid’s Club, while the lush gardens and their heady fragrance were the frames of unforgettable culinary tastings and precious memories.

San Clemente Palace Kempinski guarantees discretion, privacy, and tranquility

Family moments have a particular value for people like me, that are always in the spotlight and want to keep their private life private. San Clemente Palace Kempinski guarantees discretion, privacy, and tranquility. This location gave me and my family the intimacy we wanted to experience while living these days, which have been so important for my career.

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice

The lights of the Venice Film Festival keep shining in my memories while we depart from our island of peace with the hair in the wind. I can feel a new strength blooming and let the see lull me with its melody.

We couldn’t leave Venice and go home without experiencing a last, great emotion: right now we are heading to the airport, where a helicopter is waiting for us to fly over the most spectacular peaks of the Dolomites. I can’t wait to imagine the wonder on the twins’ face when we get up there!