San Clemente Palace Kempinski: a private dinner in the sacristy

San Clemente Palace Kempinski: a private dinner in the sacristy

I close the door behind and Jody runs towards me. I take off my coat, shaking off the cold raindrops that got caught in my hair. She look at me with loving eyes and her little head bent to one side. I bend down to cuddle her a little but she slips away, wagging her tail towards the kitchen table. I follow her and notice an ivory-colored envelope on it. I put my glasses on and I read the elegant golden letters next to the seal: San Clemente Kempinski Palace.

I fold the invitation and a tear slips through my soft beard. Since he had moved to Italy, I rarely talk to my son. Now he has his own family, his job and a new life. I am very prouf of him but I often miss him. Receiving this invitation today and being able to see him again, makes me a joyful father. The appointment is in a month in Venice, at the San Clemente Island.

My arrival at the San Clemente Kempinski Palce

I arrive at the San Clemente Kempinski Palace on a warm and sunny morning. I discover Venice from another perspective thanks to the short trip on the hotel’s private boat from Piazza San Marco. I admire the skyline of the historic city from the lagoon and this is an unforgettable moment. I breathe this pleasant sea air and I land on the Island of San Clemente. The hotel’s kind staff greets and accompanies me along a florid and well-maintained avenue.

I see my son coming towards me, walking along the avenue in front of me, with such a similar pace to mine. We hug each other intensely, without saying anything: in our relationship, words have always been superfluous. He is excited too and holds back tears. It’s been a long time since we last met. I grab his arm and we move towards the ancient church of the island of San Clemente.

The sacristy of the church of San Clemente: holiness, exclusivity and elegance

As I see the majestic facade of the church, my history’s passion emerges. Its Romanesque style, simple and elegant, and its side bas-reliefs fascinate me. Its white color, kissed by the sun, stands out and illuminates the whole front terrace. We enter the recently renovated central nave and stop to admire the frescoes around us. While I try to imprint the images of this ancient beauty in my mind, my son guides me beyond the altar.

We cross the small inner courtyard of the church and we enter the sacristy of the San Clemente Island. The intimate atmosphere and the elegance of this comfortable room envelops me. We walk on the ancient red and white marble floors that perfectly matches the colors of the walls. In fact, their lower halves are made of visible red bricks. I fall in love with the marble altar on my left, watched by some solid arches and embellished with two Corinthian columns. The rays of the sun, which peek out from the door behind us and from the windows, radiate every corner with a pure and sophisticated light. The evocative aura of sacredness that blends with the refinement of the decorations, makes this room exclusive.

A dive into ancient ages, full of luxury and comfort

I greet some of my dearest family members who arrived earlier. Some of them have already settled on the elegant table set in the middle of the room. White and fresh tablecloths, a centerpiece that smells of roses and some refined candles give a luxurious touch to this setting. The exclusive sacristy of the San Clemente Island transports me to distant, almost surreal time, where luxury, comfort and elegance dominate.

Once the last members of our family arrive, the banquet is about to start. But before beginning, James stands up. It calls the attention of the guests and with a slight cough clears his throat. It’s time to reveal the reason for this invitation to dinner.

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