San Clemente Palace Kempinski: planning my wedding in Venice

San Clemente Palace Kempinski: planning my wedding in Venice

What do I do for a living? I create beauty! The organization of weddings and events has always been a passion of mine, and I managed to turn it into my job.
In order to understand what the fiancées want, listening is not enough: I make them dream! To fantasize is a piece of cake for me: who knows me, knows that if you want to get my attention you need to shake a hand in front of my face.

This time, however, I will be the protagonist. I’ve dreamt and planned this moment since I was a child. I imagine a pastel colored wedding: the bridesmaids wearing lavender dresses, a reception for a few close friends in a green park and the ceremony under an arch of roses.

For the celebrations, I picture myself the magical atmosphere of the sunset, and glass candle holders standing on the tables.

Victor and I agree with the city, even if we still have to choose the location. We are going to celebrate our wedding in Venice, the city that makes lovers dream. Therefore, we set some inspections for the choice of location. I’m thrilled!


Site inspection at San Clemente Palace Kempinski

Today we are visiting the island of San Clemente.
We’ve just arrived in St. Mark’s Square, and we are waiting for our private boat. The air is warm and smells like spring. I see the boat approaching, blending perfectly with the pink sky of the Venice lagoon at sunset: it looks like a Monet’s painting.

Few minutes after getting on it, we can see a massive building surrounded by a lush park.

san clemente palace kempinski exterior

We get off the boat and walk towards the entrance. Here, a young woman is waiting for us: she is in charge to guide us during the site inspection.
«Welcome at San Clemente Palace Kempinski. Is this your first time here?». Yes, it is. And while we walk down the magnificent avenue, I wonder how it couldn’t happen, to come around here before. I’ve seen plenty of locations, but this seems to have something different.

We begin our tour from the century-old park, which is surrounded by pine trees and cypresses. The atmosphere is magic: everything is well-finished, the sounds of nature reign above all and the colors blend perfectly together. “Wow”, I can’t help whispering to myself. Victor’s hand brushes against mine, and we both smile like a couple on their first date.

After the visit to the Ancient Sacristy, which is perfect for an intimate reception, we continue through the Acquerello Terrace. Our guests would love it, most of all the landscape: the lagoon at sunset and a view of St. Mark’s bell tower will leave everyone breathless.



I admire the breathtaking view while I picture the waiters serving my guests. What will they wear? What floral decors will stand on the tables? My brain starts superimposing fantasy to reality. The reception comes to life, with all its colors, smells, sounds. I squeeze Victor’s hand: we are in the right place.

san clemente palace kempinski wedding church

Finally, we enter “La Dolce” restaurant, where a tasting awaits us. In the middle of it, I fetch my notebook from the purse and start writing everything down, for I don’t want my daydream to vanish.

My behavior attracts some other couples’ attention.
«It’s always like this: she’s a wedding planner!», Victor speaks for me, smiling as if he wanted to apologize.

At this point, it seems clear to both of us: our wedding will take place at San Clemente Palace Kempinski.


The big day

The wedding day has finally arrived, the sun is shining, and the simple but refined dress I’m wearing seems to be weaved with gold. My father stands by my side, for he’s walking me down the aisle in a few moments. My hands are shivering, and my heart skips a beat when I see my dad moved.

san clemente wedding rite garden

I walk slowly, the white carpet extends till the arch of flowers, and meanwhile, the master of ceremony and the guests are looking at me. I’ve seen plenty of weddings since I began this job, but I’ve just understood what it means to be a bride.

The staff set the tables just like I wanted them to be at Acquerello Terrace: a white silk tablecloth, a vintage candle holder and a floral touch are ready, waiting to welcome our guests for the dinner. I need to know that everything is going to be perfect, that this day’s going to be perfect, and…

«You’re gorgeous!»: my future husband‘s voice brings me back to the present, and every fear suddenly vanishes. I give my dad a kiss and leave his arm, for I’m ready. It’s time.


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wedding table san clemente