Santa Severa Castle, wedding proposal on the beach

Santa Severa Castle, wedding proposal on the beach

Yesterday I was thinking about you. Do you remember when you asked me: «Will you marry me?». What a magic! A wonderful wedding proposal in a castle, the Santa Severa Castle. A beautiful promise on the beach, just in front of the Tyrrhenian sea, where he sea foam made by wakes emphatically disappears under the warm sunlight.

We were both in Rome, under touching ray of light, it was a warm and peaceful Spring. We were chasing the Life on an italian Vespa driving fast in a zig-zag pattern through the little streets and alleys of Rome together with our two helmets and a unique heart. Staring at the future with our conspiratorial looks. I was holding you tight and you, much more stronger than me, were holding me during our crazy run to the true Love.

And then, you brought me to the sea.

Santa Severa Castle beach wedding girl

Feelings of a Modern Princess

Barefoot on the beach, my hand in your hand and then… you kneel down the beach in front of me taking my hand: my heartbeat pumps and my imagination flies like a little girl listening to the most dreaming fairytale ever written.

Softly and cruelly, you keep hanging me, looking deeply into my eyes with a conspiratorial smile.

You say nothing. Just ask me to kneel down like you. Then, you gently shift my hair, come closer and touch lightly my face, whispering seductively: «Not here. Follow me, my darling».

In a while, you take me into your protective arms while you show me that marvelous castle over there but so close to our love!

Similarly to a fairy tale, perfectly laid down on the sea, delicately wet by the sea foam, bubbly and sparkling as two tinkling flutes of italian prosecco, it comes the castle! In front of us, one of the most enchanting and evocative location in Lazio region. The Castle of Santa Severa, near to Civitavecchia, in the north of Rome: a genuine and precious italian Estate, with a priceless both cultural and historical worth, priceless like our love.

Santa Severa Castle pink wedding gown

A fairy tale Castle

Suddenly, you bring me close to the castle, holding me in your safe arms while the marine breeze ruffles my hair. So, we enter in and… You surprise me once more. You pull out from your pocket a smooth and sinuous silky handkerchief, asking me: «Do you trust me?». So, you look softly into my eyes. I nod. Maybe, the discover you want me to live is much more intense than the fairytale I have always dreamt!

I perceive the fragrance of the sea all around of me, I feel the sun on my skin and my mind flies away. I walk behind you along small lanes and squares inside the castle perimeter, hearing your breath guiding me safely, together with your warm hand. Then, you start strolling faster and me, amused and fond on you, I try to guess your footsteps following your sound. All at once. you stop, you hold my hand tight once more and you turn around me. Now, I feel you backward.

Gently, you whisper me: «Look!», unbandaging my eyes.

In front of me, the dreaming landscape of a medieval borough, perfectly restored. Of course, I am exactly feeling like a modern princess at this time! The castle walls, the ancient bricks, the spring, the squares, everything is perfect. After all we are still in Italy, where Art and Magic sovereign eternally!

You take my hand and together we start to visit the medieval bourg when, at a certain point, you brush my hair again with your face, whispering me: «Would you like to discover more?». I nod again thinking about what you show me this time.

Something new among thousands of secrets

Blindfolded once more, I fell your warm hand one more time, while I perceive your breath. Let’s go again to discover some other wonders of this enchanting location!

The spring sun is kissing my hair, but I suddenly feel fresh on my skin and a heartfelt silence. You still come softly around me turning me on the right side with your hands on my hips, gently removing the silk from my head. Now, I can open my eyes and I realize to be in an astonishing paleochristian church, ancient and breathless. You know I love antiques and ancient times, and the church I entered is a real jewel nestled in the blu of the sea. We stroll together across the ancient baptistery and antiquarium. Certainly, you are a perfect mariner, I know. This is why you lead me to discover the sea and this wonderful region, Lazio, visiting Museum of the Sea and Museum of the Territory. What a magnificent italian area, what a prosperity inside this fascinating castle!

Later, we exit the church and we taste one of the famous italian ice cream with two spoons: we’d like to taste it together sit on an antique wall of the Santa Severa Castle.

Santa Severa Castle wedding in italy beach sea white blond

But, you cannot get enough. So we start again! It’s getting dark and you look at me deeper and deeper inside. In a second, I am silky blind again while your hand holds my hand tight. You whisper me once more: «Let’s go» and it is like I am melting sweetly hearing your voice so vibrant and naughty.

A long lasting embrace

This time, you gently push me to the top of the castle, almost running. What kind of mirabilia you want me to see now? I can hear your steps, your faster breath, your safe hand and the fresh air on my skin. I loose myself following you along and across tiny streets and secret passages of this magical castle.

Then, we pass in front of the saracen tower, I hear some other tourist voices commenting how stunning are the ancient castle halls and beautiful gardens inside the walls. But, you are the only one in my mind today, living this astonishing location in every single secret way. I definitely hear the sound of the sea waves.

Santa Severa Castle stunning wedding on the beach

Where are we going, now? I’d like to ask you our next destination, but I am definitely your follower. This way for knowing this location is so sweet than I trust you. This is why I follow you wherever you will go.

The small street is getting smaller and smaller, but you want to go higher and higher to make me dream.

Suddenly I feel alone with you. We stop for a second, intensively together. You leave my hand for a while and… it’s like I’m lost. I feel you behind me and then you come back in front of me, you come closer holding me tight in a magical embrace. I fell your breath on me while my heartbeat reaches the stars: what a feeling!

My Daydream!

Instantly, your lips are so close to mine. They gently touch my neck, my cheek, my hear, my hair. You unveil my eyes undoing the silky knot, but I still keep them closed. You start kissing my lips in a never ending dream. My heart races, so it is your. You push me, delicately, against the ancient stone wall, while you keep kissing me lovingly and passionately. I feel the wind on my skin while you caress my hair, holding my head in your hand.

You caress my hips silently and, after, you turn myself towards the seaside. I open my eyes. What a marvelous landscape! An instantaneous wind blow smoothly caresses my face and my soul.

In front of me, I see an enchanting top view of an astonishing sea from the top of the castle, one of the most incredible glimpse I’ve ever seen in my life. I breath! It’s getting dark when the sky is becoming so much intense so our love. In the dark, only one figure stands out sinuously: the fascinating full silver moon.

In a moment, an elegant shimmering brilliance lights upon the incoming night. Lights of the Castle are lit up all at once, instantly drawing a sophisticated and imperial play of lights and shades. Now, this location gets a royal allure.

You stop one more time, you come intensely closer to me, then you caress my neck whispering: «Would you marry me?».

Like a Venus

Santa Severa Castle Botticelli Venus Sea

You have finally chosen the dreaming location for me, for us, as the perfect frame for our marvelous Love Story.

Santa Severa Castle is really the castle kissed by the sea, as it should be, perfectly like this. Exactly like me, Venus has risen from the sea foam; similarly to me when I calmly disappear on the seasides of your lips. Melting me in a so breathtaking kiss to glide on the water, flying to the top of the sky and shine into the moon.

Because today is another stunning day with you.


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