Sea style wedding: how to make it come true

Sea style wedding: how to make it come true

How many of you wish for a sea style wedding?

Summer is the best season for who wants to plan a wedding outside, and thanks to the warm weather and the bright, long days, you can plan beautiful receptions by the beach, maybe in a beach resort or in a fancy restaurant on the coast, always enhancing the sea style. 

sea style wedding candles

Shades and colours of the sea, starfishes, seashells, sand, rocks  and coloured stones: here some advices on how to set up the mise en place on your wedding day.

Colours, decorations and centrepieces

Not only blue and light blue are to be considered colours of the sea: there are many more shades to use for the silverware, the tableau marriage, the party favors, the bridal bouquet. Between the most famous tones there is the Tiffany green, that has recently become very fashionable, as well as turquiose, light brown and green, blush pink and lilac. Overall, pastel colours are the perfect ones for a wedding by the beach, meanwhile warm tones like red, yellow and bright orange are better fitted for a autumn, country style wedding.

sea style wedding tableau                        sea style wedding decorations

It doesn’t really matter which colour you prefer, what’s important is to pair it with white or any colder tone. So go crazy with lanters everywhere or with centerpieces made with little white stone and decorated with coloured ribbons on the top. Candles are welcomed too, even better if shown off on a mirrored tray with flowers and seashells as added decorations.

sea style wedding orange shade

Themed Tableau 

The tableau marriage is a fundamental part of every wedding, mainly because it’s the piece that will “guide” the guests to take the right seat. But not only that: the tableau marriage reflects the overall theme of the reception. So, if you’re surrounded by the sea, there are so many cool ideas to create something very special, like naming every table with a “sea style” nickname.

sea style wedding tableau  sea style wedding sand

There is the travel – lover kind of wedding couple who choose to name every table like an island, or like a beach resort, to be visited or already experienced, and the one who choose the names among ships, fishes or nautical knots. There is no limit to your imagination: the most important thing is that the choosen theme will be replicated on the centerpieces too, maybe with a nice little seashell with a ribbon to show off the table number.

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