Serenade the bride: 5 sardinian musical instruments

Serenade the bride: 5 sardinian musical instruments

serenata alla sposaThe rite of marriage is not the only celebration that accompanies the couple for the beginning of a new life together . Before the fateful yes, in Sardinia it is tradition to dedicate a serenade the bride .

The serenade is a musical composition , usually performed in the evening before the wedding , under the window of the bride . It is a ritual that dates back to the Middle Ages , but which still retains its romantic value. To serenade the bride who respects tradition , are to be used for musical instruments typical of the Sardinian tradition . Let’s see some :

1. Su sulittu

It’s a pipe constructed with cork and reed. End has a slit that divides the air to vibrate the tool and thus obtain the melody. To serenade the bride, Su sulittu reproduces the sounds of some birds, thus creating an atmosphere spring.

2. Serraggia

The serraggia is a string instrument consisting of a cane stick, a taut string and a resonance box made of pig skin. It’s played with a bow made of a stick of mastic stretched arch from a horsehair braid. He plays standing, placing it in the shoulder. With one hand holding the rod while the other plucks the string or rubbing with a bow. It is used not only for the serenade the bride, for the melodies of folk events, such as Carnival.

3. Launeddas

It’s the Sardinian musical instrument par excellence. It’s a kind of flute consists of three rods of varying length and diameter. The first barrel which is the longest and large is called: the ” Tumbu “, “Mancina” and ” Mancosedda “. The sound produced by the use of contemporary three rods is called “On Conzertu”. It’s inevitable in every celebration of respect, the patron saint’s day to serenade the bride.

4. Accordion

Although the accordion origins are French, this musical instrument has become part of the Sardinian tradition since the beginning, becoming an important element in the folk compositions. When the bellows is operated by the performer to enter the air necessary to vibrate the reeds, start dancing, starting the real celebration.

5. Ghitarra

His guitar is the Sardinian version of the most popular guitar. It stands out from the guitar to the size and the more serious sound, typical of the island’s melodies . In serenading guitarist it gives just a hint of time and tone. It’s the singer who, starting to sing, performing all variants, the trills and the vocals that make the serenade the bride.