Wonderful photo shoots for marriage by Riccardo Giommetti

Wonderful photo shoots for marriage by Riccardo Giommetti

Much more than photo shoots for marriage; when the study and talent animate the heart and soul of a photographer, here come more than a wedding photography service. ShoOts that are small masterpieces.

Riccardo Giommetti ,young Umbrian photographer, in 2011 he graduated in Communication at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. His passion for travel, camera in a hand, it made him a travel reporter, able to capture the true essence of the immortalized territories.

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“There is no more beautiful memory and there is no more beautiful testimony as a photograph”

His sensitive and accurate eye, his style fresh, modern and spontaneous, made it a double photo shoots for marriage who can create authentic works, original, never predictable. Riccardo tells the love story of seizing moments, smiles, tears and kisses, crystallizing in one click the best moments to browse and relive forever…like true love.


Its naturalness and discretion can not disregard his professionality; thanks to his reporter’s nature, he’s used to capture nuances and perspectives using only high quality cameras ,for an always maximum yield in all his works. From photos to video, from pre-marriage to post-marriage, albums, mini albums, digital albums, photos in high resolution, Blu-ray or DVD with all shots …The young Umbrian photograph is an artist 360 degree, will satisfy the demands of all lovers.

“Photography is  the symbiosis between the eye and the heart”

The collaboration with Lunargento for Love me in Italy was born with once the project to celebrate the romantic side of one of the most beautiful regions in the heart of Italy, Umbria.
The artist’s native land was the scene of countless married couples; with its green landscapes and the timeless villages, Umbria is the perfect setting for photo shoots for marriage.

Giommetti followed with passion the project of Love me in Umbria making available the most beautiful double shots of the couple who followed in his career; photography that won the cover of the guide Love me in Umbria (in print and e-book) and many more stolen moments of love to lovers who chose the wonders of this land for their Yes