March at the spa: it’s party time at the AbanoRitz

March at the spa: it’s party time at the AbanoRitz

I stand motionless in front of this huge mirror, I look at myself and smile. I search some flaws in my makeup or dress but everything is perfect. I gently place the golden mask on my face and move the hair away to tie it. I take a step back and admire myself once again. I’m beautiful in this nineteenth-century dress. I want to take some pictures to capture this unique moment. As I look for the best pose, I realize how beautiful this room is. Elegant, classic and precious, just like my mask. White marble, golden details and velvet drapes: I feel comfortable here.

I put my phone in the clutch and go out of my room. I’m going to a party in Venice. I step into the lobby of the AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel: everybody look admired and amused at me and I feel like a queen.

AbanoRitz mask of venice

Exuberance, mystery, frenzy, charm and seduction. The Venice Carnival made me speechless. A mix of indescribable sensations and emotions … Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of coming to Italy in this period and finally I found the right occasion.


Peace of mind at the AbanoRitz

The images of these unforgettable days crowd my mind, they flow in front of me like the scenes of a movie. And I’m enjoying it from the beginning to the end while I’m lying here, on this soft bed, in my room at the AbanoRitz.

I open my eyes again and breathe deeply in. I live the sense of peace and tranquility that surrounds me. Silence reigns supreme among these walls and gives me inner calm.

Sunset at the AbanoRitz

I go down to the White Gloves restaurant for lunch and I am pleased to note that the festive atmosphere of the Carnival still fills the hotel’s spaces. The young Italian family is waiting for me at the table: we became familiar each other last Saturday during the masked party at the Midnight Vintage Club.

«Hi Francesco, how are you?» my uncertain pronunciation always makes him laugh.
«This little pest will become fat!» Beatrice replies while setting the bib to her three-year-old son. «Tell the girl how many fritters you ate last night!»
He gestures to me the number four with a sly look. «Were they good?»
«Very good!», I had no doubts.

After lunch we say goodbye: my three new friends are leaving.
But I’ll see you next year, right? We always come here during this period ».
What a beautiful tradition, I wish I could do the same!


Today I will only think about myself

My flight leaves to Leeds tomorrow and I am sad about leaving this oasis of well-being. In these last days, I rediscovered myself here at the AbanoRitz. I cuddled my body in total relax and nourished my mind reading all that books that usually remain dusty on the bedside table at home.

Despite my imminent departure, I woke up in a good mood: today is March 8th, the women’s day, and I find myself in the right place to celebrate it in the best way.

AbanoRitz spa

I spend this day peacefully in the AbanoRitz Spa. The hours fly among treatments, beauty masks and whirlpools: I feel regenerated and ready to take part in the great evening event.


AbanoRitz celebrates all the women!

The restaurant room is like a woman tonight. Charming, feminine, accomplice and a little unpredictable: just like each of us. The attention to detail unmasks the female minds that manage this hotel. Generations of female entrepreneurs have given AbanoRitz a soul full of values, tradition and innovation. But above all, directors who manage the family hotel with love. And I perceive this love in every single hotel’s corner.

I will not easily forget the delicious gourmet dinner. The flavours of this territory are mixed in refined and original combinations … Perfect.
And now, the part that I prefer: the dances open after the last course! The music starts, Caribbean rhythms flood the room and the performance of the dance teachers begins. In a few minutes, I find myself having fun with all the other guests.

AbanoRitz gourmet dinner

This “pink coloured” evening is the perfect happy ending for my stay here. The AbanoRitz helped me to rediscover the best of me. And I cannot wait to come back.


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