Bridal Hairstyles: What Do You Wear on Your Head?

Bridal Hairstyles: What Do You Wear on Your Head?

Trendy Hairstyles for the Spring Bride (and Summer Bride too)

Are you one of those women who can’t stand having even a single lock of hair out of place?!

If you have in mind the idea to celebrate your most important day within the next months, be ready to surrender.

The hair trends for spring/summer 2017 ask for romantic and unkempt hair, even (and especially) when going to the altar!

Bridal hairstyles: spring bride

The future brides with long (or average) hair, can set the “Rapunzel” inside of them free and choose long wild braids decorated with flowers or glittering accessories, or elaborated ponytails.

This is for sure an escape-proof hairstyle!

wedding spring bridewedding spring bride summer spring 2017

Hairstyle ideas from Missy Sue’s YouTube channel

beautiful and originale spring bride for weddingromantic spring bride for weddingHairstyle ideas from Missy Sue’s YouTube channel

The classical tied up hair still resists, but it demands a more natural, confortable and unkempt look than the typical chignon.
Otherwise, you can simply go for a more trendy and fresh style, as the catwalk demands.

Both versions agree that the inconsiderate overuse of hairpins must finish.

Wedding: romantic spring bride

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